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David Wilcock Intel from Conscious Life Expo/Prepare to Have Mind Blown

-13As if there isn’t enough already to read about today, I just have to share a couple more things that are worthy to know about. I can’t even comment on this one because there is just SO much information here…and it’s Part Two, so if you need even more or missed it, you’ll have to go back for Part One.



These are show notes taken by someone called Dani at the recent Conscious Life Expo.

I’m only going to post the link because the article is super long. I suggest reading in chunks unless you have an hour or so to really absorb it and hit the various side links.

You might need a stiff drink with all this!

It begins with more intel about Mars, then the Moon…all very interesting. But what really intrigued me was the sections beginning with reference to Enoch, followed by the Antarctica stuff. You can scroll down and start there with info about our heritage and the pre-Adamites, the progenitors, and other giants.

Let me just say….I can see why Buzz Aldrin said Holy Shit seven times and had a heart attack.

If there’s anyone I trust, it’s David Wilcock. I have followed him for 7 years, and he always has the goods in the intel department. I absolutely his believe his information, and I absolutely believe we are for the ride of our lives when it all comes out in mainstream disclosure.

And, it will.

Two links, pick either. I found the Event Chronicle easier on my eyes, but the original appeared at Stillness in the Storm. And both of those sites are great to bookmark and check often.

Event Chronicle Link:

Here’s the link to Stillness in the Storm:

Remember, whatever happens, whatever comes out, whatever is true or not true … we ARE in the midst of the most interesting time in the history of recent humanity, and maybe ever.

Be true to YOURSELF. That’s what is importnat! Know who you are and be who you are.







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