Boston, Part 2

Continuing our day….

After unknowingly (!) following the Freedom Trail around Beantown for a couple of hours, (meaning I was led to visit these things and not aware we were on the Red Line), we headed north to our last stops:  Warren Tavern and the Obelisk.

Normally I like to do all spirit work before ingesting any “spirits”, but the founding fathers directed me to drop in at the Warren first, and discuss a few things, have a Brick Red and absorb that revolutionary energy.



My FAVORITE Tavern ! Look who is peeping from the background!


On my very first visit to Boston, Grace took me to Warren Tavern and I fell in love with it. I don’t know if it’s the lingering “patriot energy “I felt that made me tingle, or just the great beer,  but either way, the old place left an impression on me and I always finagle a way to get here when I am in town.  I like imagining Paul Revere, and Sam Adams having a pint or two as they wait for Ben Franklin and  General Washington to walk through the doorway.  Just imagine the fist-pounding and passionate rebel voices echoing through here! I know the Green Dragon Tavern has its history as well, but like Paul Revere…this place is my go-to watering hole.

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We soaked up the good energies here and felt ready to do ceremony at the obelisk at last.

I’ve always known that obelisks have some sort of Freemason connection. Every cemetery I have ever been to has tons of obelisks, and they OFTEN are marked with the freemason logo. My own small town has tons of these things in the cemeteries. And, I have yet to see a big obelisk that doesn’t have a cornerstone to a grand master mason or lodge.

I have the opinion that Freemasonry was originally begun and used in a way that promoted brotherhood, tolerance and balance in society. Based partly on research and partly on  personal anecdotes, I know it is currently infiltrated with those who put themselves at the top and find the rest of us “useless eaters” at the very bottom, mere slaves or “plebs” to their whims and manipulations.  ( Unfortunately , there is probably not one area of society or any organization untouched by these narcissistic sociopathic types. )  I hope the good and just people in these “secret society organizations” find away to identify and rid their groups of these nuts. And soon.

In any case,   we walked the short distance to the obelisk, and she imposed quite an impression on our first meeting face-to-face.


Colonel William Prescott (statue at bottom ), another hero who died here, coined the phrase “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”.


This monument was one of the first ever built in America, and she feels different that other obelisks I have encountered. She emits the “freedom” energy, she stands strong and proud and retains the initial intentions attributed to her. The battle that took place here feels fresh somehow, as if the blood of the freemen who fought for liberty still lingers just under the manicured grass.

It’s a peaceful place, nevertheless, and tells me there have been many others who have worked this ground, done ceremony, cleared lower energies and built strong portals to the light.  It takes many light-workers to clear the site of a tragedy, and I am honored to follow in the footsteps of those who have done so much.

 (I pray that there are those who will continue to work on the World Trade Center site….which needs so much done! )

Grace and I decide to do a joint ceremony, and we find the underlying”mission” by reading the signs here:

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After seeing the flag earlier when we arrived in town, IMG_2310we knew it was time to clear the paradigm of “enemies”. We changed the wording to say, “You are NOT my enemy and I am NOT your enemy!”  which is the very essence of Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ (Lakota , meaning, All my relations, we are one”)  and set the intention to fortify this sacred ground.

We added many crystals, buried at the four directions.


Yellow Calcite, red obsidian, white howlite, black hematite, a rose quartz and generator crystal were buried. Sacred sage and tobacco were spread, and a crow feather left to serve as an antenna in the helping winds that came to share our work.


We each took some of the stones: I took the south and north gates, Grace took the east and west gates. Together we placed the rose quartz and I placed the generator in the North, under a magnificent tree (sentry) to continue to bring in the wisdom of the founding fathers.


We walked in opposite directions-I went with the sun, and Grace went the Heyoka (opposite) way. In this manner, we both “unwound” and “reset” the spiral energies.

We closed with our prayers, and how funny, I left the camera sideways! ha! (That’s heyoka spirit for you! we both have the Joker/Clown/Fool/Coyote/Heyoka energies!)

It was really a beautiful ceremony and I felt so, so happy and grateful that Grace was there to be a part of this creation…and it would never have happened without her telling me about the obelisk!

Yakokemy friend! Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ, stiyu!

After the ceremony we walked just around the corner to visit the Charlestown memorial for Grace’s brother David (and others), who died in Vietnam.  I feel he was there assisting us, and we spoke prayers and left ceremonial items here for the fallen.


Thank you for doing what you believed to be for the best. We honor you.

How wonderful it will be when we no longer agree to believe and support those who say the only way to resolve issues is to take someone’s life.

 We must say NO MORE!

It was a long day, but what day! We found our way back to the “middle world” door,  left the harbor and headed back to beautiful Hull for one more day, then off to…Washington DC.

Aho, indeed!!!

We were so, so grateful to have this time with our friends Bill and Grace, and we love you so much! We have never eaten so well and slept so good, and laughed so much. Can’t wait till our next visit!

Please visit Grace’s website, and if you are in the Boston area, take a session with her! You won’t find a better medicine woman in these parts!

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