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AZ, the RV, and Real Money

OK…so this post about money got my attention. State Deals Blow to Federal Reserve, House Passes Bill To Treat Silver and Gold as Money Read more at   Apparently, gold and silver are now actually considered money…(uh, you mean they weren’t before?) Not according to the Federal Reserve.This history of money goes back -way, … Continue reading

2 New VT’s Worth a look

Two Veteran’s Today posts caught my eye today.  VT always has a   wealth of great articles, always interesting, always controversial and eye-opeing. 1) Kevin Barrett’s post is fairly short a “venting”, very humorous and I so totally related to it. 2) Gordon Duff’s  is a set of stories and spotlight reports, with tons of info … Continue reading

AK update on Heather Ann Tucci- Jarrif

American Kabuki has a new post with gut twisting video of HAT-J being arrested and removed from her home in foreclosure. I have a strong stomach, but this gave me such a bad feeling to watch. Bless her and her family! I know it’s long past, but the energy remains. The courage of Heather and … Continue reading

Poof/Zap update 3/20/2016

Here’s the latest on the state of money according to Zap. Use your good Crow discernment, take only what sets right. I know a lot of you follow these posts, so I share them, but personally I find it increasingly difficult to wade though the political bias and requests for money. Somewhere in there is … Continue reading


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