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Oracle Report 3.22.16 This report is especially helpful considering the previous post about Brussells bombings. As Laura cautions, we can expect tantrums to play out, so be ready to see this on the global stage. Remember, you have eyes to see what’s really happening, so allow all things to move, to settle as they will. Detach from … Continue reading

Oracle Report 3.21.16

Another great one from Laura. I’m posting the entire article, since so much info it sings out: Astrologically, this week is intense, which means that life gets intense.  You will want to make sure to check back for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s reports, as these days will be complex due to the number and nature of the … Continue reading

Oracle Report 3.20.16

Laura’s weekend report has much to offer. I suggest going to her site and reading the free articles and books, listening to the free audios, and get educated on her unique viewpoint of Sabian Symbols and Black moon movements, and the mahavidyas. You won’t find another sky reader anywhere like Laura! I recomend highly her … Continue reading


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