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New Findings Show Avoiding GMOs Improves Health

Obviously, you already knew that.  But, someone, somewhere will be reading this for the first time and actually GETTING it.

GMO’s are inherently bad news for all living things. You can bet that the scientists and the developers of these plants do NOT eat them.  Certainly the elite and the rich do not.

And poor corn! One of the most sacred plants in the Americas has almost been eradicated by these crazy wanna-be’s.  I miss organic corn so much, and it’s almost impossible to find these days. I look forward to the day we finally get rid of all gentically modified seeds, and return to the beauty and perfection of real food, farmed in sustainable and natural ways.

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New Findings Show Avoiding GMOs Improves Health

Message from Jeffrey Smith
Exciting News!!

Published today: Non-GMO Eaters Recover from 28 conditions, including Obesity, Anxiety, and Chronic Diseases.

My new peer-reviewed article published today can redefine how we think and speak about GMOs, Roundup®, and organic diets. I know it does for me. At the same time, it strengthens our commitment to eating organic. It’s likely the most important piece I’ve ever written.

Survey results reveal that 3,256 people reported improvements in 28 health conditions after reducing their GMO intake. An astonishing 85% of respondents reported improvements in their “digestive problems,” the ailment most commonly cited. Of these respondents, 80% said their digestive issues were “significantly improved”, “nearly gone”, or “completely recovered”. Remarkably, at least half the respondents also reported recovery from fatigue, obesity, brain fog, food allergies, and anxiety or depression. To access the article with the complete list of conditions that improved, click here.

What is it about GMOs that may be damaging our health? The article, peer-reviewed and published in the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, lays out the known side effects, ranging from increased allergens and toxins in the food to high residues of Roundup® herbicide. Most GMOs are designed to withstand heavy doses of Roundup, which, according to the World Health Organization, is a known carcinogen. I cite evidence of many other serious health dangers of this popular herbicide as well as the Bt toxin produced in GMO corn.

Simply eating non-GMO isn’t always sufficient to protect your help, since many non-GMO crops are also doused with Roundup just before harvest.

Find out how to protect yourself and your family. Click here to view either the easy-to-read summary or the scientific, peer-reviewed article itself. You will also be able to view a powerful and informative video interview of Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, a top pediatrician who witnesses in her practice every day the same type of health improvements reported in the survey.

Jeffrey-Smith framed.jpg  Click here for the complete story.

Safe eating.


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