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Bringing in the New

    On this 1/11/17 day….translating to 1/11/1  (by adding the numbers of 2017 together), here is more reinforcement for the previous post that the “new” is the “now” and starts  today. LOVE ME SOME GAIA PORTAL As always, enigmatic prose that sets you alight. Visit the site often! GaiaPortal About GaiaPortal… New Beginnings commence … Continue reading

Love is where it’s at, baby!

In the world of numerology, today is a 1-1-1-1 day. 1/11/2017  = 1/11/10   or 1111 In this Crow’s world, the number 1, or more importantly 11, has ALWAYS been important. My life from the start had the number 11 all over it. I’ve had to learn more about 1,11 and the variations of that theme. … Continue reading

Calendars, Astrology, and Moving Forward in 2017

Featured Image by Ciro Marchetti Oh my, 2016…what a year. So many changes, so much information, so much fabrication and so much unveiling. I know many who are still stuck in the stories of 2016, both personal and communal. And, it’s hard NOT to be stuck, with so much to process…Religion, weather, politics, scandal, ET’s, … Continue reading


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