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Subtle Activism, Arch of Triumph and Mr. Cati

A couple of important things have come into my awareness this week, and wanted to share before tomorrow: 1) I heard a fascinating interview on “Coast To Coast” with author David Nicol, whose new book is titled “Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation”. His interview explained so much about what I … Continue reading

Happy Fall Equinox (and special meditation)

Special meditation today from Cobras Portal website. They ask that we do it at the moment of the Equinox, Sept 22, 9:21am Central time. If you missed it, you can do anytime. This meditation is for liberation from the Chimera group. Please join if you feel so moved! Takes only a few moments to change things! … Continue reading

You’re invited to the GREAT SILENCE

Please join me this Saturday at 6PM Central Time!   For more info, visit  

SEPTEMBER 21,2016 Interesting Reads

Today’s featured image (Horse in mountains)  from Oracle report The daily Interesting Reads is updated each day. Check back for more articles. Oracle Report 9/21/16, Laura Walker take on the universal alignments: Debating the way it used to be: I love anything by Jon Rappoport. Excellent article and short.  Points out crucial and (to … Continue reading


Did you know today is International DAY of PEACE?  I am so focused on Fall Equinox, I almost forgot! There is a worldwide “MOMENT OF PEACE” today at noon, no matter where you are in the world. Take 1 minute to focus on peace for our world. Meditate pray…think and visualize peace in any way … Continue reading

9/17/16 Interesting Reads for Today

Use your own discernment. These are things the Crow found interesting-you may, or may not. I will update this page throughout the day, check back for more periodically Remember links are in blue. GAIA PORTAL 9/17/16 Intel messages to excite and inspire you to see the positive changes. These are cryptic! Makes them all the … Continue reading

Full moon eclipse journey

Sept 16 2016, Meditation/Journey I joined with all others who were doing the unified group meditation on Sept 16 (posted at the Portal). Here is my interesting journey and experience. Feel free to share yours by sending to Note: BLUE text always is a link. 1:54 PM I saw myself at the Grandmother Tree, … Continue reading

Allopathic Allosaurus

I met two fantastic women yesterday with amazing stories. We had dinner at an amazing place, ate amazing food and had an amazing time. One of the women was a young physician, the other was her mother-who has cancer. And I, being a crow medicine worker(shamanic practitioner), was totally shocked that this doctor had asked … Continue reading

End of Day, Mississippi

Sept 15, 2016. 6PM-ish. I love to go for a walk or run in my small, rural Mississippi town. I have a route I take almost every time, and I love that I have lived over 50 years in Mississippi – long enough to know exactly how the foliage and trees change with the seasons, … Continue reading

Meditation September 16, 2016

Quick post:  Special meditation event today, on the Cobra Portal site.My inner crow is saying its important. Today is an important day astrologically, a lunar eclipse full moon ,  and Cobra shares some other things about it as well. Meditation is at 1:54PM Central Time. Please join in if you can, no matter what time … Continue reading

Today is Sept 11, 2016

Yes, it’s the 15th anniversary of the most seminal event in modern American history. It’s a hugely traumatic event, and not just to each as individuals, but to our collective consciousness. And that part was planned, just as the attacks were. “They” wanted it to go deep and to carry far; to be apart of … Continue reading

Sept 11 Meditation

Just wanted to drop a quick post for those of you who do the regular weekly meditation at Cobra’s website, Portal 2012. Tomorrows meditation is dedicated to opening the truth up about 9/11. Can you believe it’s been 15 long years ~ still nothing but lies, fabrications, manipulations, deceptions, unbelievable and unscientific scenarios…and people STILL … Continue reading

The Peace of Wild Things

I am sooooo resonating with Laura walker’s Oracle Report advice this week to go outside. There is so, so much happening. The best way to deal? Ground, my friend! Grounding, shielding….laying your body on the Mother and letting her heal… As Wendell Berry so perfectly captured in his famous poem, the peace of wild things … Continue reading

The Oracle Report: Get outside today

I love the Oracle Report with Laura Walker! I meant to post Sept 6 reading (yesterday) and got busy.  So, yesterday and today will booth be reviewed below. I suggest you read the website yourself and keep up with this week…there’s lots going on! Most important to note is that we are entering a real … Continue reading

TODAY! World Meditation for Planetary Liberation

  You say you want to do something to help? Something to change the world, bring on the freedom and end the suffering? Join me and thousands of others today at 11:00 am Central Time USA for this weekly meditation to bring about the liberation of our planet. It’s known that meditating and/or praying together … Continue reading

It’s David Wilcock time

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!!!!!!!!! And it has an obelisk on the cover!!!!!! You all know how much I LOVE David Wilcock. Anything by David always has my full attention. I preordered this back in the spring and it’s been a looooooong six month wait to finally get it my hands. I have both of his … Continue reading


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