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New Moon In Pisces 3.17.18

Updated 11:03 pm  see  end of post

Today there’s a new moon in Pisces. New moons are energetic opportunities, offered by the cosmic alignments,  to set intentions and to let go of things that aren’t working.

I’ve got plenty of intentions.  It’s these F*&#ING things that aren’t working that are making me literally ape-shit crazy!!!

Are you feeling me? Anyone????? Isn’t it just the hardest and stupidist (new word) time ever in the history of the world????!!!!????

Why can’t things just work out right? Just once?


So here’s a thought for the new moon in Pisces:

Why do things ALWAYS have to be SO HARD?

Ok, so I’m mello-dramaticizing…but, it’s because I’m a Pisces. We tend to EMOTE quite a bit when we are FEELING things that are INTENSE and then we need to SHARE in order to VENT….wait, let me say that again, WE NEED TO VENT!!!! and to SPEAK IT OUT LOUD and to QUESTION IT.

Why is this happening???What is it all about?  What did I miss? What can I do??? How did I get here???

Here’s a few things about us Pisces types:

Even though we need to vent and to share, we are not asking you to fix it/us, we do not need or want you to analyze us.

We do need to share with you,  but don’t mistake that for a request for help.    Most of the time we already have done all the things you will suggest, we have already researched to the “nTH” degree, and we have probably already looked farther down the road than you and seen all the wild,  far-out possibilities.

Also, we are highly psychic, so we get that sort of information coming to us all the time.

 I don’t say that imply we are smarter or know more.   It is not that we know more, its that we FEEL more.  We feel on levels that set us apart in ways that only Pisces can really relate to. Our feelings transport us into dimensions that are strange-shaped, uniquely colored and non-populated (except by other Pisces, and we tend to be LONERS so that doesn’t even help)

It’s a weird Pisces thing, man! You can’t understand unless you’re a Pisces. (And THAT was a typical Pisces remark,  by the way.)

When we share, we simply need to hear ourselves speak aloud our feelings to someone. But not just anyone will do, it has to be someone we respect, care about and love.  We need our story to be witnessed and FELT.

Pisces people have a hard time feeling understood, because we live on a level that constantly shape-shifts. We merge and flow and morph and grow and squeeze and explode.

We are tiny, we are large, we are invisible and we are omnipresent.

You would think that being all bend-y  and  flow-y would make us supremely peaceful, able to accept and shift with whatever comes. Alot of the time, that’s true.

But…there do come times when all that moving to accommodate the universe gets REALLY TIRING. If we do this for a long period of time,  then we get really EMOTIONAL and ANTSY and DESPERATE and …and….and…we worry.  Boy, do we WORRY!

2018 Pisces New Moon Messages

This year has been ESPECIALLY challenging to me, and it’s brought up some feelings and story lines that I thought I had worked through along time ago.

Of course, I’m gonna survive , because that’s what I do, but my FEELINGS about what’s going on are very unpleasant and stressful.

I’m REEEEAAALLLY feeling it!!

You, too?

Let me then share these two serendipitous Pisces New Moon messages, each different and yet each very “right on” at this time in out ever-changing reality.

First up:  (Love this forecast and was it ever right on for me!)


Next: Victor Oddo’s “5 things you Should Know about the Pisces New Moon”

I had to smile as Victor “coincidentally” answered all the questions I posed to the universe about “what the Hell is going on?”.



I’ll be doing a new moon ceremony for myself today,  and it isn’t too late for you to do one, too. Even if you read this a day or two from now,  go on and do it anyway. I believe it will be worth the effort.

Just set your intentions to be released from your old story.  Say “I don’t consent!” to this old way of doing things. Speak out your pain, let it go, and then say what it is you really want.


Here’s another New Moon message from Victor, equally relevant and inspiring.



And let’s hope Victor is right about whats coming for us!!! We all need some relief right now.  I know I sure do.

Peace and love to all, especially to my fellow Pisces.






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