Washington,DC- Day 2

Note: I am including a map of the ceremonies done here in the area of the Capitol and the Mall.   The map was created AFTER I returned and had chance to document what was done.  It’s hard to believe all that we did, but here it is.  The remaining pages will tell you exactly what happened and how things occurred.

DC trip ceremonieswalk

17 ceremonies over 2 days. Day one here should really be Day 2 (6-21) , Day 2 should be Day 3 (6-23). Sorry for the confusion.


The Brit and I awoke late on June 21, (not wanting to get out of THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED IN THE WORLD) and the forecast…for the first time since we left Mississippi ….had a small chance for rain. (This would be important later)

In addition, our landlord had sent us information that the metro lines that worked our area were IN REPAIR, and that the best means of transportation to sightseeing would be bus, bicycle or taxi.

Say what? The whole reason I chose to stay at this particular condo was that we could easily get around the area!

We had planned on using the Metro, considered by some to the one of the best underground railways of this type. (The Brit confirmed this, having been here before and I definitely accept his reviews, as he lives in England, where they use all manner of railway to get around. )

According to the advertisement for this particular condo, It was only a short walk to the station and 7 minute ride to the Capitol from our place. I knew I needed an easy access to the area, and this place fit the bill, so I booked it.

I wondered to myself why we hadn’t been told about this “repair” sooner, but I also know that the “resistant” energies sometimes put these little roadblocks out there to see if we will turn back.

Not a chance!

We debated driving, but there is really nowhere to park near the Capitol.  We considered biking, but you have to check in your bike every 30 minutes – not feasible for our plans. Taxi? Too expensive. Bus? would take twice as long to ride the bus from where we were as it would to walk.

Therefore, we chose to walk and carry the 15lb backpack, which was filled with crystals, cameras, iPads, water and other important needs  Looking at the map, we felt is was no big deal. We both are very athletic and in great shape. The Brit is a pro golf caddy, after all 😉   We could share the load and rest if needed. No sweat.


Prior to arriving in Washington, I had only “planned ” on these 4 ceremonies: 

Washington Monument, White House, Capitol and Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting pool.

Our goal for Day 2 ceremonies (red) was to do “reconnaissance”, meaning, walk the area and get a feel of where/what the ceremonies should entail, check out any restrictions, possible barriers, etc. (If you have read my earlier adventures in NYC and Montauk, you know I am often encountering “restricted” areas!) 

In addition to getting a “lay of the land” (or should I say, LEY of the land!)  I thought it possible to do the  Capitol and  the Washington Monument on the same day, then the others the following day.  I felt splitting up the ceremonies was warranted, because doing them can make me tired, and we’d already done so many ceremonies in the previous days.

As we prepared to leave the condo, I determined that if we walked to the Capitol, that’s 2 miles. Then another 1.3 out to the Washington Monument, and then back…total 6+ miles with  2 ceremonies.

We could do it!  Even though we were getting a late start, I figured we could look around for couple of hours, I could take notes and make plans for both days, then eat lunch, do the  2 ceremonies and come back.

Easy peasey.

Here we go…

We started out walking and after a mile,  came to a place called Lincoln Park. Looking at our GPS map, we saw that this was in a direct line to the Capitol and in line with all things toward the Mall and our far-end-goal line, the Lincoln Memorial.

I KNEW right away this was what we were called to do…walk a straight line right through the middle of EVERYTHING.  And according to the map, we were entering the area in the EAST…very important to anyone working a medicine wheel and beginning something new.

So, it was fitting we start the ceremonies at Lincoln Park! (Lincoln Park is in the Capitol Hill area, so we were also starting out at a “high elevation” place, bringing in the energies from above.)

Starting at Lincoln Park wasn’t planned, but I began to see that nothing would be, despite my attempts to have SOME sort of outline. I’m not  huge planner when it comes to these ceremonies, but I really thought that a mission this big and this important might need at least a little pre-planning. Once again, I have proved to myself that, like smaller ceremonies and missions, I really need only follow my nose, my “higher innards” (as my friend KP says), and listen/look for the messages and guideposts as they occur.

I did a small ceremony at Lincoln Park, stating the intention of the day, the mission and honoring the area and those that were represented here.

After the Lincoln Park ceremony, we walked into the Capitol area from the east, going westward on East Capitol Street NE (hows THAT for confusing?) in a direct line to the Capitol Building. I was tossing tobacco and purposely “feeling” for any energy changes.  The architecture was really beautiful,and we enjoyed the interesting gardens and balconies of these row houses (very expensive!)

IMG_2679 (1)

I felt a distinct change of energy as we crossed 6th street. Very distinct. I asked the Brit if he felt anything, but no, he didn’t.

But, I certainly did.

Onward we went, and it was apparent we were no longer in the “regular” United States (DC being an entity of its own).


And then, I saw it….the CAPITOL!


The Bus at right is the AVALON coach, ha! A Celtic connection for me.


As previously stated, I had purposely had not planned any major ceremonies except the Washington Monument, White House, Capitol and Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting pool. However, I know things present themselves as we come to them….and so,  and the very first ceremony that asked to be done was when we passed between the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.

I called to the spirits of the land to help me connect the wisdom contained in the many manuscripts, documents, books, archives…the truths….to the place where justice SHOULD be brought to light. 

Brining the energies together across the streets, I called to a neighboring magnolia (there were tons of these in the area! Mississippi spirit helpers!) to complete the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was done between these buildings. I wished I had time to visit the Library of Congress, with its many manuscripts and documents…but also, this journey was not about getting to do things like that.

Another time.

I knew immediately that I needed to go to the Supreme Court and to do…something.  We attempted to go inside, but so many guards, bag checks, metal detectors, etc….wasn’t worth it since I had all my crystals, shovel, etc inside.

Instead, I planted a crystal into a space in the steps leading up the front of the building, and any who pass here must step over it. It clarifies and purifies the energy and the intentions and helps to clean out the deceptions, unjust and unfair and illegal decisions, and reminds all of the importance of actual truth telling.


This crystal is in the center of the bottom steps, dropped into a crack.  She carries the energy of justice and clarity of wisdom.


I am always surprised at how the guiding spirits lead me to places that need ceremony.  I was humming as we strode across the street to the Capitol, and was again surprised to feel the call for yet another ceremony at this “east gate” entrance to the Capitol “medicine wheel.”


Just to the right of this sign are buried gemstones and tobacco. Aho!


This entrance is open now to all ancestral energies, reclaiming the purity of truth, wisdom  and balance,  and protecting the east gate from intruders who seek to manipulate and deceive.

We then stepped a few yards more and came face to face with the US Capitol.


Dome under repair…I should say so!

I have to say,  for all of the low and negative energies, the hucha (Incan word) that our country is producing…for all of its faults, for all of its disgraceful actions….this Capitol and the surrounding area are definitely on sacred ground.

The founding fathers knew what they were doing. I won’t speculate or make judgements*, but my evaluation** of the energies is:

  1. This is, and always has been sacred ground
  2. The buildings have been placed and designed to use and direct the energies.
  3. There is feeling of power so strong I can’t describe it fully
  4. There IS a significant low energy swimming around…and I’m hoping to help dispel it. I feel it “lives” underground for the most part.
  5. There is beauty and ayni (balance) here that supersedes the low energy and will ultimately “blow out” the hucha, and reinstate a pure line and portal for the sami (clear and bright light energy)

Note: a judgement* is an assignment of good or bad to something. An evaluation** is a simple diagnosis or recognition of information.

Example: You wake one day to find your car has a flat tire, which means you will be late to work. That is an evaluation. You then make a decision as to whether this is a good or bad thing…good if you wanted to miss that boring conference, bad if missing it means you will be getting extra work or some other punishment from the boss.

I engage daily to evaluate and not judge anything, whether people or events. I am not always successful..but I do continue to strive for this. 😉

Feeling the enormous power, I was drawn to the front of the building and very surprised at the lack of folk hanging out. I sort of thought there would be tons of people and over-the-top-security. There were not really many guards and police (that you could see). There were a few people right on the steps, and there was even guy screaming out his displeasure about the government. Very loudly and very noticeably.

I was excited to see his freedom being honored, even though no one was listening. I tried to listen but frankly, I could tell this person was not walking in both worlds.  😦    He had entered the other side and was not able to come back and ground his energy.

But that’s Ok…because he was following his heyoka path and reminding me of mine.

I sent him love and gratitude. He was showing me something , showing us all something. He was brave, totally unafraid and asserting his sovereign right to free speech.

Watching him, I felt he offered a distraction for me to do my work. Ah…he was assisting. Wado!

I knew then I could lay some tobacco and plant some crystals easily, and I did.

The ceremony here was to connect the east gate and connect all ancestral energies to the future ceremonies, as well as clear and protect the Capitol from those who would commandeer it for selfish, personal gain.


Blue corn and special quartz that I have had for many years, and both have been through many sacred ceremonies with me. I will miss them, but knowing they are here now brings me joy and makes me feel humbled to have helped care for and protect them all this time.


Afterward, I took this panoramic photo…and looking at it now, I can see it was foretelling the storm to come.


The crystal and corn are in the crevice of the raised area in the left of this photo.      Those clouds are the gathering of the Thunder Beings…and they will be heard soon.


A Change is Coming

I want to remind the reader that up until today, we had enjoyed SPECTACULAR weather on every phases of this journey. Amazing, beautiful, temperate weather.

Today it would change. And, I knew it would  – and I knew why it would.

In earlier posts I referred to the term, heyoka, which is a Native term, basically meaning backwards, or not the way others do it. However, there is a much deeper meaning to heyoka. I have personally had my initiation with heyoka, when  meeting Coyote Woman (who then came in a dream to me as Changing Woman) in Sedona.  I now understand that in part, I am heyoka and honored to be so.

The heyoka energy and its connection to the Thunder Beings is beautifully described here by Richard Boylean.

Here is a small part of that discussion: (emphasis added by me)

“Native American tradition honors the existence of Thunder Beings. These Thunder Beings are understood by Native Americans to be messengers from the powers on high, the Star People (extraterrestrial visitors). The Thunder Beings are a force for both dissolution and re-creation. In the Plains Indian tradition, a person who has a visit by a Thunder Being, in person, in vision or in dream, becomes a heyoka, a “contrary”. [4] This heyoka then customarily soon starts behaving in a way opposite to the conventions of the dominant culture.

The heyoka does so, precisely in order to wake up society to see that there are other and fresher ways of doing things. Thus, the heyoka is the human counterpart of the Thunder Beings, who repeatedly dissolve the existing order and fashion a new arrangement from the pieces.

As we transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World, it occurs to me that not all heyokas are Plains Indians. Some have yellow skin, others black, others white. These heyokas of every color are experiencers, and have been changed by their experience of extraterrestrial contact by messengers from the sky (Thunder Beings).

As modern-day heyokas, experiencers are charged to live as active witnesses against the ignorance and corruption of the Fourth World, and to live as witnesses of the Fifth World which is emerging. In doing so, modern heyokas honor the Thunder Beings, the Star Nations, who have come as cosmic midwives to help us birth the Fifth World.”


Well, now I understand that all players and all circumstances had brought me here to perform these heyoka ceremonies ...to dissolve and then to recreate…and to call upon the Thunder Beings for assistance.

And, as always….they would come.



This was actually the first planned ceremony. And what I mean by that is, I knew I would do a ceremony to connect the Washington Monument and the Capitol, and I knew I would clear the energies and add healing and freedom..especially for the nation of Hawai’i.

If you do not know the true story of how Hawaii came to be conquered and stolen by the USA, you are now required to learn about this. There is a wealth of information concerning this topic: it isn’t up for discussion and it isn’t some conspiracy theory.

It’s a sad, despicable truth that has been admitted to by our own government in the United States Public Law 103-150 Yet, we continue to try and circumvent the admission of guilt and the rightful restoration of power to the Hawaiian people by using the familiar shell game of distraction and illusion…and force.

The true story of Hawaii is heartbreaking. if you have 4 minutes, watch the beginning 4 minutes of this History Channel video, the Conquest of Hawaii.

Or go here and watch a very creative informational video:


There are numerous videos and information concerning this issue, I hope you will research it and visit sites like the official site: http://kingdomofhawaii.info and please, tell everyone you know about this. Education is vital, bringing forward truth is vital.

In very short summary, the nation of Hawaii was a sovereign nation, doing business and trade  with the world  (including the USA, with whom it had several treaties). It was a peaceful, innovative and welcoming paradise, thriving in the philosphy of aloha.   And, it was extremely modern…the palace  at Iolani  had electricity and phone a decade before the White House!

Plantation owners of the USA living in Hawaii decided they did not want to pay trade tarrifs, and so they finagled a way to put in place a defacto government…by force. A coup.

The Hawaain nation has NEVER been legally annexed. That is a lie. It was overthrown.  A nation by definition cannot be annexed! And, we  (USA) even admit it! And yet,  we still impose ourselves and our will onto this nation with no sign of remorse or reparation or allowing them to regain their rightful power.

Having been lucky enough to visit Hawaii many times between 1999 and 2007, I am honored to share the truth and to help educate those who know nothing of this atrocity and yes, genocide.(about 95% of the original Hawaiian population has been eradicated)

And so, this ceremony was offered in part to assist the energies of the kanaka maloili and the Hawaiian nationals that work tirelessly, peacefully to set things right…to restore balance and truth….to that most important portal and energy “chakra” on our planet, Hawaii.

The ceremony also is to help overturn the  overall energy of our nation (which has subsequently infected other nations) that expresses the belief we can TAKE something that does not belong to us-the imposed empirical spread of our borders, the ignoring of others boundaries and the “exceptional” attitude that we are somehow different and rightfully endowed to have whatever we want.

That shit is OVER. DONE.

Watch as I compete the ceremony.  In true shamanic fashion, the Thunder Beings come in to do the work as I assist. It’s hard to hear, but thunder and lightening come in!  Notice the group of people opposite who added their approval (even if unknowingly)

And afterward, the “cleansing” rain comes in…

Was I ever glad I ignored the Brit and went ahead and packed that umbrella!

We ran under a few trees, the thunder and lightening pretty heavy. Amazing really, it absolutely unloaded on us, and I knew it was a good sign.

We waited out some of the storm, and visited the National Museum of art for a time.


Love this guy. He sees things heyoka 😉

Ultimately, we walked almost 3 miles back in the rain, accepting that the day of ceremonies was done. (And we were TIRED. That 15 lb backpack unfortunately still had 14lbs of stuff in it, and wet to boot.)

Returning now meant June 23 would have to be the day of the Washington Monument ceremony and the White House ceremony and the Lincoln memorial ceremony. Three big ones.

Little did I know that not 3, but 11 ceremonies awaited me.

Inclosing this day, I have to say that I was a bit confused that the Summer Solstice alignment  did not seem apparent to me in the layout of the area (as I was fairly sure some things were built to make use of this. Hmm.)  But, I also knew that the helping spirits had a plan. I was here, after all, and on this day…the longest of the year…I was helping “repair” all that had been broken.

When all is said and done, the new changes will integrate fully as we move toward the “hibernation” phase, the resting and rejuvenating of the Winter Solstice.

And when we are awakened and come from our caves in December…ascended…we shall indeed be reborn with new purpose and new clarity, new wisdom…even if the birth brings pains, we will grow strong and remember who we truly are….LOVE.

And so we ended a full day, an “E” day… eventful, exciting, exhausting and electric! (Thank you Thunder Beings!) it was back to the condo and a good hot bath.

DAY 2 RECAP (Shown as Day 1 in the top map…sorry!)

 (Note: this enlarged map not showing the #1 Lincoln Park Ceremony)

Google Day 1 Ceremony walk

( to be continued in Day 3)


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