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Trump In Mississippi 2

Yesterday, I posted some info about the President coming to our state to speak at the opening of the new civil rights museum

The new isn’t being received well by some in the civil rights community:

It’s REALLY palpable here, the turmoil at this decision.

That’s not to say everyone is upset. There are alot of people here in Mississippi excited about Trump coming here – after all, Mississippi is considered a “red” state.

However, this Saturday was supposed to be about the opening of the civil rights museum, not about the President coming to town. It’s understandable that people are concerned about the focus and attention being directed toward Trump…whether its “favored” attention or “Protest” attention.

The focus has shifted toward security, traffic, headlines now steered toward Trump, protests, boycotts….instead of the original meaning of this day. Mississippi has long waited for the truth about the civil rights story to be out there, to be seen and heard by everyone.

Yes, the energies here have been stirred up here in the Magnolia State, and with all intentions and blessings I hope we ride the spiral storm upward.

Mission and energy work was done at the site yesterday, there are others here doing similar.  It will hopefully ease the energies and allow for great day.

I’ll add another post later with pictures and video of the ceremony.-T











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