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New Findings Show Avoiding GMOs Improves Health

Obviously, you already knew that.  But, someone, somewhere will be reading this for the first time and actually GETTING it. GMO’s are inherently bad news for all living things. You can bet that the scientists and the developers of these plants do NOT eat them.  Certainly the elite and the rich do not. And poor … Continue reading

A New Cobra / Portal posting 11/6/17

I think everyone is feeling the “quickening” that is taking place throughout the world. Current events are but distractions from the incredible shifts and costume changes occurring behind the scenes. One day…soon…we will know the whole story. For now, it seems all we can do to hold on energetically by our toenails and try to … Continue reading

Exquisite Exposure and The Sacred Plant

Exposure, exposure, exposure. From the horrifying sexual abuse perpetrated by Hollywood elite, to Donna Brazilles revealing information about Clintons secret control of the Democratic Party, to release of files and statements in the JFK killing (confirming again what we already knew), exposure has never been more prevalent in the news. And, there’s more to come…it … Continue reading


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