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Post Etheric Liberation, Day 1….Mississippi skies reflecting the changes

Whoooooooaaaaa, Nelly! (As they used to say in the old time western movies.)

Nasty Nellie Oleson, from TV’s Little House on the Prairie.  She was my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E



Had to fly into town today (by car, unfortunately), through the capital city  of Jackson, Mississippi. (and yes we actually DO sit atop a volcano! Hence, the Pele appearance yesterday)

It’s always a TREAT, (Caw!) to fight that insane traffic on our incredibly poor highways, but I hummed along and suddenly, the sky….well…OPENED.

 At the risk of sounding “Biblic”….

“and lo, before me a portal opened, and there appeared before me the messengers…”

  Can you see? Well, can you?

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So if you had any doubts…I’m just SAYING….that Etheric Liberation Meditation DEFINITELY shifted the energies!

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