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3.22.18-Portal 2012 has something to say!(about the Pleiadians and all of us) Where do they come from? How did they come to visit? Art, music, beauty, erotic love, living a thousand years….oh those Pleiadians! I know it’s hard when things are so tough to engage the idea that we are close to a breakthrough. But, we are. I’m working in manifesting land for Contact Dish project, … Continue reading

Cobra/Portal 2012: Prepare for Contact

I don’t know how I missed this important and exciting post from Cobra. ( Maybe because I am working like a crazy person to look for a suitable house to buy  in the next few weeks, and I am so stressed I can hardly function.) If only I can find that suitable 7×7 Cobra asks … Continue reading

New Moon In Pisces 3.17.18

Updated 11:03 pm  see  end of post Today there’s a new moon in Pisces. New moons are energetic opportunities, offered by the cosmic alignments,  to set intentions and to let go of things that aren’t working. I’ve got plenty of intentions.  It’s these F*&#ING things that aren’t working that are making me literally ape-shit crazy!!! … Continue reading

3.3.18 Chaotic Nodes, on BEing, and… “THE EVENT IS COMING!!!!”

Big news abounds throughout the awakened world, and I don’t mean all the obvious “cabal-elite-deepstate, archon, Q, etc” stuff. If you read the prior post, you have seen the recent intel from Cobra. (If you haven’t followed this intel before, I’m sorry, but its impossible to do any backstory now, you can do that on … Continue reading

Cobra: Situation Update 3.2.18

Cobra’s newest intel post is (my opinion) related to recent weather and political events that are being instigated by the negative forces.  What a February!! The “criminals in charge” are thrashing, folks, like the rats they are, drowning in a barrel. They are pulling all the final punches, especially with the technology that uses energetic … Continue reading


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