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The Measure of a Real Man

Aug 27, 2016: I’m attending a funeral today for my dear friend, neighbor and colleague of 18 years, Jamy.  He “officially” died of colon and liver cancer , but really he died from the agonizing and flesh-frying poison, chemotherapy. No amount of scientific literature or even his own proof of a working alternative cancer therapy … Continue reading

Get Ready!

I don’t know exactly what happened yesterday and today…but soft disclosure is becoming “firmed up” in ways I haven’t ever seen, and you can bet by year’s end things are going to be unlike anything we can imagine. I guess someone left that Lions Gate open! I really thought by now I would have finished posting … Continue reading

Washington DC Day 3, Pt 2

New Update here at “crowtravels”: I hope you enjoy todays update of the ‘Summer Mission 2016″. Im almost done! yay! Meanwhile, today is the Lions Gate, 8-8*.  I hope you will use a part of today to clarify and “ignite” your own fire by using the cosmic energies.Plan your own ceremony or just sit … Continue reading

Washington, DC Day 3-Part 1

As always go up to crowtravels and hit the link… It’s been long in coming, but I finally have this part up. I appreciate the patience you show in waiting for me to get these logs posted, I’m doing my best! There is more to come, I’m hoping it wont be another 3 weeks, but … Continue reading


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