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Mind Blowing Corey Goode Update: Divinecosmos/David Wilcock

Well, there’s not alot anymore that blows the ole’ Crow mind open, but I have to admit this one did.   On this shiver-me-timbers cold weekend here in Mississippi, I found reading this Corey Goode MEGA Update on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos (emphasis on MEGA!) to be equally mind blowing and extremely comforting.

That is….with the exception of revisiting “Sigmund” ( does anyone but me see the resemblance between Sigmund and Colonel Miles Quaritch from the movie Avatar???)

Plan some time, and get yourself a cuppa and a warm cookie, or a beer and popcorn, because this update has it all, and you don’t want to get up until you have finished.

David’s narration of Corey’s latest experiences will either leave you completely unsettled or completely ascended to a whole new level of vibration.

I personally felt ecstatic and relieved by reading all of it. And..I’m reading again …and seeing things I didn’t see the first time through!  I’m not kidding when I say you could definitely have an energetic “attunement” to a higher consciousness by reading this latest post! I did!

Corey’s experiences read like a major sci-fi move event….a complete new Star Wars, if you will….except this is all happening NOW.

Cast of characters:

Corey Goode and friends: the Anshar, Ra-Tear-Eir and the Golden Triangle head being, Aree, Gonzales, Aquatic Beings, the Mayans, the Elders, Micca and the Olmecs, the Omegas, Blue Orbs, the Sentinels, the New Guardians…last but not least, SIGMUND.


Lunar Operations Command, the Super Federation Base, the Mayan Vessel, Anshar Temple Complex, Council of Saturn Embassy, LOC Bravo Station


David starts by giving background and review

Corey explains:

 “I had been receiving a clear uptick in dream communications with Tear-Eir over the last ten weeks.

Most of the communications that I received were dealing with the preparations being made by various races for the arrival of the two new guardian races that were members of the Sphere Being Alliance.

During this timeframe, I have also had a large number of briefings. This included a few meetings with Earth Alliance, SSP Alliance and the Anshar. I also had a very strange and intense encounter with Gonzales and the Mayans.”

“very strange and intense” .. !!!!! Uh, YEAH!!!!!!

Coming Events:

ULTIMATE OUTCOME: Solar Flash, Ascension and 4th Density

DISCLOSURE:  Possibilities: Contolled partial through Military Industrial Complex and SSP, or through Tom DeLong group, …OR Full disclosure….up to us!


You just have to read it and absorb it yourself.

One of the most interesting things I noted was David’s energy in telling and relating Corey’s experiences seemed very different, very much more open and spiritual and free from his own personal “old story”.   We all are transmuting our shadow selves, working out the old programs and old myths that keep us from being all we can be. David has turned a corner in my opinion, and that bodes well for the rest of us.

Becoming more spiritual, resting more, meditating more, being still…all these things are part of the process that will allow us to connect to our highest self, our highest potential AND…will bring us closer to contact with the other races of beings who are here to help and to support us .

But they aren’t here to do it for us. And…. that point is something made very clearly in this new post by David.

As David Icke always says “Human Race, get off your knees!

Ok, enough said, have fun and read it now!

And, remember to share LOVE today.












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