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Cobra Update 7.17.18

I’ve been off the blog a while now, although I thought I had sent out a post a while back explaining my absence.  HA! Never reached the web, thanks to me not linking it correctly.   Here it is if you want to take a look (although I will probably repost the [now older] Corey Goode … Continue reading

3.22.18-Portal 2012 has something to say!(about the Pleiadians and all of us) Where do they come from? How did they come to visit? Art, music, beauty, erotic love, living a thousand years….oh those Pleiadians! I know it’s hard when things are so tough to engage the idea that we are close to a breakthrough. But, we are. I’m working in manifesting land for Contact Dish project, … Continue reading

Cobra/Portal 2012: Prepare for Contact

I don’t know how I missed this important and exciting post from Cobra. ( Maybe because I am working like a crazy person to look for a suitable house to buy  in the next few weeks, and I am so stressed I can hardly function.) If only I can find that suitable 7×7 Cobra asks … Continue reading

New Moon In Pisces 3.17.18

Updated 11:03 pm  see  end of post Today there’s a new moon in Pisces. New moons are energetic opportunities, offered by the cosmic alignments,  to set intentions and to let go of things that aren’t working. I’ve got plenty of intentions.  It’s these F*&#ING things that aren’t working that are making me literally ape-shit crazy!!! … Continue reading

3.3.18 Chaotic Nodes, on BEing, and… “THE EVENT IS COMING!!!!”

Big news abounds throughout the awakened world, and I don’t mean all the obvious “cabal-elite-deepstate, archon, Q, etc” stuff. If you read the prior post, you have seen the recent intel from Cobra. (If you haven’t followed this intel before, I’m sorry, but its impossible to do any backstory now, you can do that on … Continue reading

Cobra: Situation Update 3.2.18

Cobra’s newest intel post is (my opinion) related to recent weather and political events that are being instigated by the negative forces.  What a February!! The “criminals in charge” are thrashing, folks, like the rats they are, drowning in a barrel. They are pulling all the final punches, especially with the technology that uses energetic … Continue reading

The Passing(Over) of a Shaman: Michael Harner, 1929-2018

It’s with great sadness that I report the passing yesterday -February 3, 2018- of the great shaman and famed anthropologist, Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of the groundbreaking book, “Way of the Shaman”. Fittingly, as he passed over I was teaching a beginners workshop here in Mississippi about shamanic … Continue reading

Important Gaia Portal 2.2.2018

WHOA, BIG GAIA PORTAL ANNOUNCEMENT ! These are always cryptic, but this one pretty much says it clearly…..we are on the brink of freedom! Keep sending your good intentions into the Universe, Wise Crows! CAW! ÉirePort Alliance (formerly ÉirePort Group) has expanded in scope since the beginning of the GaiaPortal blog operations. Recent upleveling … Continue reading

Healing Needed for Julian Assange

Julian Assange needs care – physically and mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically.  But,  he’s not getting it, and looks like he won’t be getting it anytime soon. As an energy healer and a human being, I find it very difficult to accept and integrate the things we do to each other on this planet. I’m sharing … Continue reading


I’m only going to say that this REALLY caught my attention.  If you aren’t familiar with the White Hats reports, then this is a great time to check it out. I have found this to be not only a source of reliable current reports, but prophetic ones as well. I also noticed at the site … Continue reading

Mind Blowing Corey Goode Update: Divinecosmos/David Wilcock

Well, there’s not alot anymore that blows the ole’ Crow mind open, but I have to admit this one did.   On this shiver-me-timbers cold weekend here in Mississippi, I found reading this Corey Goode MEGA Update on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos (emphasis on MEGA!) to be equally mind blowing and extremely comforting. That is….with … Continue reading

Gaia Portal 1/1/ 2018

I always love these, they are so cryptic…which means we each get to bring our own meaning to what we read. And isn’t that the way we humans are meant to be? Creating our own world, building our own reality and choosing the understandings and meanings that work with our current state of being. As … Continue reading

Dreaming Our World Into Being 2018-(watch this amazing clock!)

In the shamanic way, there are only two types of people: those who dream their world into being, and those who watch it being dreamed. Here in Mississippi, a tribe of shamanic folk gathered recently to journey and to dream in the New Year. Here’s wishing you a 2018 of dreams fulfilled! May you walk … Continue reading

MS Civil Rights and History Museums Openings, Part 1: Missed Opportunities for Some Leaders

This is a editorial opinion piece.   This editorial is copyrighted. Sharing is fine, as long as it’s entirety and linked back to this site with credit given. Thanks. I am a life-long Mississippian. Today, in watching and listening to various local TV stations to the controversial opinions surrounding the opening of these 2 amazing … Continue reading

Watch Live: Trump Address at MS Civil Rights Museum Opening

For anyone who can’ t be there, here are links to a live feeds (updated) Please help by holding center and grounding this event. Intentions for the highest good.  

Mission to Clear Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Site

As described in the previous two posts here and here, I went on a mission Friday (December 7) to do a ceremony of clearing and protection at the site of both our new museums.  Doing these type ceremonies in just something I am called to do, and I knew immediately upon hearing about Trumps visit … Continue reading


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