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Mission to Clear Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Site

As described in the previous two posts here and here, I went on a mission Friday (December 7) to do a ceremony of clearing and protection at the site of both our new museums.  Doing these type ceremonies in just something I am called to do, and I knew immediately upon hearing about Trumps visit that I had to go on this “Mission”.




I can not believe how “in line” the new museums are with the sacred area where our Coliseum was built! Our capital city, Jackson,  sits on the caldera of an ancient volcano. You can read more at these links (or do a search) if interested:$File/Vol_18_3.pdf?OpenElement

I have done many, many ceremonies in the parking lot of that Coliseum, and there are many crystals and other sacred items buried all around the building. Many of the lightworkers here are tuned in with the volcano and the energy there.  We regard it as the key energetic portal here, and it’s lined up with many ley lines intersecting our area.

I downloaded a map, and that’s when I saw how lined up the Museums were with not just the Coliseum, but the Freemason energies here.

Full Map 1Monument 2PM

If you were not aware, the Order of the Eastern Star is the first Freemason group to allow women, and it was created right here in Jackson, MS by Dr. Robert Morris.  Morris lived in a house where Smith Park is now located, and it is where he wrote the ideas and information that became Order of the Eastern Star.   OES was taught at the Eureka Mason Lodge, also known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, located north of Jackson near Goodman.





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Interestingly, Little Red Schoolhouse is almost EXACTLY on the 33rd parallel at the 90 degree longitude. Think there might be some numerology and ley line knowledge connected with THAT? oh yea. There is quite a bit of Freemason influence here, and of course they know about and use sacred geometry and mathematics.

So anyway, that big star is in the heart of downtown jackson, radiating outward to the Capitol huilding, the Coliseum, the Republican party headquarters and many banks and businesses.

I think maybe the museums will be clearing and buffering the Freemason energies that work for the Cabal types. Not all Freemasons are aware of the higher eschelon goings on, and I know some wonderful, good men in the Freemaons organization. But…there is not a doubt in my mind there are factions of the Freemasons that work with the Cabal.


Upon arriving, I was astonished  how large the museums were. These buildings take up the whole block. HUGE. I hadn’t been on this area for some time, and it was amazing to see everything all finished and cleaned up. 4 years this has been coming!

After parking I gathered together the sacred items I brought to place blessings, protection,  and healing intentions.  Lots of healing stones:

A Handful Stones



Purple Iolite: for balance, to hep with challeging times (hello!), detoxification, calms emotions.   Black Onyx:  Repel negative air, improving intelligence and spiritual inspiration, protection ;Blue and white Sodalite:    Inner peace, harmony, good for sensitive people prone to reactions without control (hello!)  Quartz:  Master crystal magnifies all others and brings clarity to all situations; Pink Quartz: LOVE and HEALING of trauma in the heart;       A big Mississippi heart stone from a nearby creekbed, and a Bloodstone, representing President Trump.  (I used bloodstone in New York last summer when visiting Trump Tower. ) Bloodstone eases misunderstandings, increases mental clarity and aids decision making, connects the root chakra to the heart chakra.



In 2016 I placed this in a crack of the tile right at the threshold of Trump Tower.Anyone entering has to step over it…even him!


I figured this place would be crawling with security and such, and I did see police cars and barriers….but I figured  what the heck, I can get in there or I would not have been called to go.

I looked around and there were quite a few workmen on the site placing the main stage, barriers, people working on the communications and such, people in the museum, guards…but strangely, I walked around anywhere I wanted to and no one asked me anything!




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As always, I tossed sacred tobacco and placed the stones in cracks, on the building, in flowerbeds…you name it. Anywhere they wanted to be, I was able to put them. It was almost like I was invisible.  I saw plenty of folks and some even said hello, but really, no one paid me any mind at all.




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I even managed to get inside the front doors before I was turned back. Oh well! The energy went in the front door, and all prayers and blessings were placed perfectly as needed.





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The buildings are SPECTACULAR and the energy there was so light, so healing. Buoyant is the word I keep wanting to say. No way that is getting disrupted!

After an hour or so I felt it was time to go. It was pretty cold and dropping.

Just as I went to my car I could see more barricades had been placed. I think I exited just at the right time!

Before leaving I did a small ceremony at an impromtu medicine wheel I built looking out at both the volcano and the new museum.  These tall pines are standing as guardians for this wheel. Pine trees are thought by Native tribes to symbolize the Goddess energies. They are revered as sacred by many tribes.

The Iroqious see them as symbols of Peace. So do I.

Please offer your own prayers for tomorrow’s ceremony, may be it filled with love and understanding.

May peace and harmony guide everyone at the ceremony tomorrow opening these beautiful buildings!

A Medicine Wheel

Peace and Love. To All.




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