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Well, this is just astonishing. If you haven’t already seen it, you really have to watch this and listen carefully,  because the part about Antarctica is full of information about disclosure. It’s long, and it’s great.

(A synopsis is here in earlier post.)

I believe we will get FULL DISCLOSURE from what David implies.

And, I believe it will be soon.

Enjoy this video, but if you have not already joined Gaia TV, you can do that for CHEAP and see even more amazing intel on these and other things David and Corey go into at depth for 7 Seasons.

Lots to see and hear! Much better than the other crap on TV!

Season 7, episode 7 and 8 are very closely linked with the information below.

Amazing times folks. We are going to ascend like no other planet or race has ever done it.

We are HUMAN after all!!





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