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crowbeardropIt’s time for a mission, so I’ll be off doing some spiritual traveling this week.

My good friend Grace (Bear spirit) at, is here from Boston because we were “called” to take care of some energetic/spiritual business, including clearing some energies of particular places, and visiting some important grid sites.

The Bear is a Virgo…Crow is a Pisces. We are two parts of one spiritual tool, and we are about to be used during this March energy upgrade/adjustment. The full moon Sunday is part of it, so is the Ides of March (15). There are additional significant personal reasons and Earth-healing reasons for us to embark on this trip. We have alot of work to do, but we also plan to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings we will be immersed in.

If you are familiar with Crowtravels (see menus above) then you know I’m about to be deep in it.  The Summer 2016 mission took me through many states and many, many sites including New York, Boston and Washington DC. There were numerous adventures,some good and some a bit unsavory, and some quite hairy.  For whatever reason, they were all places I was led to go and to do significant ceremonial work.

And man…have some of those places been shaken up in recent months!

If you are interested in how it works, you can read Crowtravels, especially the New York and Washington missions, but the entire trip was pretty cool.

One day I will post some other exciting and interesting missions I have done such as: London and City of London, Rosslyn Chapel, Hadrians Wall, Paris, Normandy,  Glastonbury, Sedona, Alexandria, VA,  several places in Massachusetts, and many sites in my own state of Mississippi.

Where we are headed this week may not seem glamorous, but it IS somewhere we are being “told” we must go. Energetically, it is big. On the map…maybe not so much. While we are both veteran energy workers, but the synchronicities surrounding this mission have us shaking our heads every day in amazement at how this is unfolding. We are both excited and a little anxious.

As they say…you can’t make this stuff up.

And as usual, I haven’t been told exactly what this is all about, although we have a good idea. I’m expecting it to be the usual routine: go places I am not sure why I am going, do things on the fly Im not sure why I am doing, sneak around places I probably should be, and toss a lot of tobacco and crystals. Later, it will all make sense!

That’s all I can say for now, but in closing I’ll just say we need and ask for your good thoughts and prayers for our protection and to assist us in this mission. We are ALL of us involved.

Ill post some things as we go along, and I’m looking forward to sharing. It’s my deepest hope that by sharing, YOU will be inspired to do your own energy missions, anywhere and everywhere.

If you haven’t already, read and watch the latest David Wilcock releases from Conscious Life Expo (Video here, written synopsis, here). Folks, we are truly about to get the whole story…about EVERYTHING…I do believe.

All parts of our world: secret space programs, religion, education, health, and ESPECIALLY government….will be blown wide open. The leaks in the dike of deception cant be plugged with cabal fingers for very long.dutchboy

We have a ways to go, so hang in there and be sure to keep your own energy grounded.

Not everything you feel, or fear…is YOURS.  If you are picking up others energies, be sure to clear yourself everyday and remember SHIELDS UP.

And most importantly…and I cannot stress this enough…it is ALL about LOVE.

I’ll be back soon with stories from the traveling Crow and Bear.






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