4th Stop…Long Island

What’s out there on Long Island that this Crow had to see, you ask? I’d like to say it was all about some R&R, but, it wasn’t. This was one of the more difficult ceremony missions I’ve had to do, and frankly,  I’m glad it’s done.

When I first set out to plan this 2016 “mission”, the main goal was and always has been to visit Washington, DC.  I’ve known for some time I had to go there, to connect something (not sure what exactly), and to clear and to reset the energies.  I find it so crazy that I’ve been pulled to so many other areas on the path to reaching that goal,  and equally crazy is all of the fantastical things that have taken place as a result. (Still shaking my head over Arturo’s studio* location!

*reference to “crowtravels-Big Apple Day 1- Wall Street”

One of the interesting areas that called to me as I followed the Acadian ley line north, was Long Island. It isn’t ON the line, but I was drawn there nonetheless. I was wondering why, when I remembered reading back in 2014 (at the Cobra Portal2012 website (here) ) about this place being one of the last Chimera strongholds, and I felt it was mine visit, and to apply the energy of clearing and resetting…..as well as big healing.

So, leaving Queens, off we went east down Long Island.

The places we visited were the Brookhaven National Lab and Camp Hero. I wanted to go to Cold Springs as well, but there wasn’t time to do it all. (We passed by it on the road but did not stop.) And, I was “told” it wasn’t for me to do that this time. However, I included it mentally into the ceremonies.  You can read about the Chimer and Cold Springs: click here. (Supposedly, its a place where they do genetics experiments, including human cloning. Creepy.)

On to the missions:



I am a big-gun guarded lab.

BNL has lots going on, most especially, that it is home to the “American Cern”or Particle Accelerator… there is all manner of stories abound about the “real” use of these type things. (Cern especially has some strange things going on, and I have no doubt that “they” are harnessing energies to be used for “their” own purposes.)

In preparing, I go to search for the address of BNL, and when I looked on the map I saw a town called Upton – and the lab was shown as being there. Now, I’m a bit naive about some things-I thought this was a place I could visit, take a look around the town. On the map I saw it has a post office, and I wanted to mail a father’s day card, so thought I could knock that out while laying some good peace energy down.



We turned onto the road and passed the sign you see above, and approached a well-manned and well-armed gate.  Ok, so it’s Brookhaven NATIONAL lab, but I had no idea it was a GOVERNMENT PROTECTED lab.

HMMMMM…..I told the Brit I thought we best turn around, but …too late!! They motioned us forward and then made us drive over to the “little trailer” on the right and told us to go inside and tell why we are there.


Do I say, “Hi folks! I’m here to clear out all the negative energy you guys may be stirring up with your particle generator and controlled experiments. I just want to lay out some tobacco and crystals and do a little peace meditation, you know, maybe open a portal to the cosmic healing energies, is that ok?”

We talked for a bit and ultimately, I elected to be the one to go in and explain our presence, the Brit sat in the car and played confused tourist.

The woman was very nice, and VERY inquisitive as you may imagine. I explained I was looking for  friend who must have given me the wrong address, oh, I’m so terribly sorry, we will happily be on our way if she could just  tell us how to turn around and get out.


Making a long story as short as possible, I will say I tried hard to just say “thank you” over and over in my Southern accent, but I always forget -that doesn’t usually work on women. 😦

This woman wanted to know why were were there and wanted to help me find my friend!  She would not take no for an answer and asked me for my iPad (which I had until then been using as a prop to support my story) The iPad has the address of BLN punched in and Im looking at it (CRAP!) and swallowing deep as I hand it over.

I have no idea how, but when she took over the iPad, the map which brought me directly to Brookhaven Lab now showed an address in a nearby town, Ridge, and she said,” Oh, you should have turned back at the light to the LEFT not the RIGHT.”

Problem solved, I  “well, I declare!-ed” my way out the door, and the guards directed us around and out the gate.

WOW! ( A BIG thank you to the guardians !)

I don’t know how the Brit puts up with me and these close calls, but we managed to ride far enough out and away  across the street for me to do my ceremony and film only the ending as I tossed a good piece of stone out to be a generator and portal opener:



These type of encounters give me the heebie-jeebies…shiver!

You, know, its not that Im doing anything “wrong” in spreading peace, love and clearing out low and negative energies. Putting out a stone, tobacco or a feather (natural objects) is a simple act and meant to raise the vibration up.

Which is exactly why it is not welcome many times.

I’m going to end and say that this leg of the mission was highly uncomfortable, but only a small uneasiness compared to the next leg…..Montauk.

I’ll post that portion as I can, I know Im behind in posting but, alas, its the way it is! Caw!


NOTE: Update 6/21/16. Someone sent me a link about a possible connection of the BNL and the World Trade Center explosions…you may find it interesting  as I did.


*reference to “crowtravels-Big Apple Day 1- Wall Street”


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