6th Stop-Washington DC, Day 1

GETTING THERE: Arriving on June 20, 2016 in Washington, DC was not a coincidence. Summer Solstice has always been an important date for me, and I knew I was being led to be here at this time.  While I can’t say for sure what the astrological or “alignment” significance is with regard to this mission, I do know it was meant to be on the solstice that I arrived here. ALL THINGS involved in the planning of this trip worked to get me here on this date, and none other. (I imagine at some point I will learn something that validates all of this in an interesting way!)

As I mentioned in earlier parts of the “Summer Adventure 2016”, the trip to Washington, DC has been something I have known for a few years I was being called to do. It was all about that obelisk, and the DC connection to Freemasonry.

Working full time and having a better half (The Brit) living in another country makes traveling to do ceremony something I have to really plan and save for.  Somehow, at last, this was the year and the time that completely came together.

My first real experience understanding that I had a “connection” to obelisks and most especially, the Washington Monument, came during a June 2008 Reiki Shaman training course with friend and teacher, Jim Ewing. We were asked to do a shamanic healing “journey” to Washington, DC, and to add our Reiki energy wherever we felt drawn. Some people worked on the Capitol, others at the White House and the Pentagon, and I was drawn to the Washington Monument. I saw it as a huge generator crystal, emitting energy outward.  I can’t remember now exactly what I did with Reiki healing, but I know I cleared it and I felt that I was connected somehow to it.

And the connection to obelisks has been with me ever since.

Only a year after my training and certification with Jim to teach Reiki Shamanism, I met the Brit, and two months later we had our first Christmas together . We still did not know each other well at all, having  only seen each other for a few days in November,  but his gift to me? A book on Freemasonry. ( At that time, in 2009, I was still trying to understand Freemasonry and had not done much research into it, and certainly hadn’t talked about it with the Brit.)

I was astonished. I asked, ” Why this book?”  and he said (in that delicious accent), “I dunno, lass. I just saw it and thought it looked like something you’d like”.

And isn’t that how it usually happens? CAW!

And so my interest in Masonic history and its connection to obelisks and pyramids really caught fire, and I’ve been drawn to learn more and explore it on many occasions, often doing clearing and energy resetting when encountering places that have obelisks or strong freemason connections .

Most recently, I shared with two close friends (here in Mississippi) the experience of building an energy pyramid   over and under the DC area, a “city” which is a totally Masonic creation.  We followed our instincts and intuitive guidance, but later found out we did almost the exact ceremony outlined by Alexandra Meadows, author of the Galactic Connection website, and who also does many spiritual “missions”. ) ( Thank you to Alexandra!)  

If you have not done this before, I urge you to try it, and do this on areas near your own home as well! It’s a great way to connect with friends and to be active in doing something for the planet.

Our experience was quite dramatic, and I remember saying a that time, “I’m really going to have to go there (DC) one day”.

Since then, I have had some interesting conversations/revelations about the DC area in preparation for this event. I don’t do ceremony lightly, and having had numerous encounters with lower energies makes me understand you have to do your preparation and research.

One of the people I absolutely respect and love for her amazing information, healing and dedication to helping humanity is Laura Walker of the Oracle Report. I came across her site in 2012, and read her online books (which are free ~ and  I highly recommend ) and knew right then she was a kindred spirit.

Laura was living in the DC area and eventually had to get out. Her ordeal and the info from another respected journalist, Robert Stanley,  about the DC area helped me realize I needed to “super-prepare”, and to protect my energy completely when going to this area.  I had no idea if any of what these people experienced would be true for me, but my past research as to what COULD be happening in the place called “District of Columbia” (including the riveting info by Cathy O’Brien BTW I don’t recommend her story if you have a weak stomach) as to mind control, sex slavery, crazy Satanic and or Luciferian rites, underground rituals, sacrifices, etc…made me take extra precautions.

Personal note to readers: I have NO IDEA if ANY information concerning atrocities, mind control, rituals, etc are real…but I feel, from all of the research and study and from speaking with certain individuals…it most likely is very real and still being practiced by certain groups. To what extent, in what ways, one can only speculate-and I choose not to speculate. 

 All of my energy work is centered on my OWN experiences and what I feel led to do,  and is not based on anything other than following my own path.

However, I am forever grateful for people who provide information and assistance when I prepare  for these ceremonies. I’m always given exactly what I need, in the right amount. I don’t go looking for more. I always find out additional information later, after I am done… and in this way, I feel I keep from using my ego and my fears and my wishes, etc to guide the journey. and instead, it guides me.

And while he will deny it, the Brit is absolutely one of my protectors in the energy realm.  He is ALWAYS a part of these deep clearings and”peace missions”, and I always feel safe and have good experiences when he is with me.

As we  approached the DC area in late afternoon,



I tossed out some healing and peace at various intersections and exits including NASA, NSA and others. As we crossed into the DC zone, I called to all helping spirits and guardians, and I felt strangely peaceful and “balanced”…as when one prepares to at last step onto the court for a championship game.

I knew I was as ready as I could ever be.

For what? I did not know, but I had no doubt at all that I was here to fulfill a contract I had made in some other realm, to play a part that ONLY I could play.

It’s very strange to realize something like that. Very strange, indeed.


Finally off the freeway, we easily found our digs, and like our other accommodations on this trip, we were blessed with a fantastic apartment – only 2 miles from the Capitol. We arrived in time to get groceries, check in,  and relax a bit before we slept in THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED IN THE WORLD.  Oh, I am suuuuuch a lucky girl!

I slept deeply and well, knowing all of the other ceremonies on this trip had prepared me for what was to come. I guess you could say my “ceremonial chops” were up, and I had all my tools, crystals, rattles, etc. ready and packed.

I was ready.

(continued in Washington DC, Part 2)




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