Emerald Mound Solar Eclipse Meditation 8.21.17


The goal of this meditation can be read about here.
The preparation for today can be read here.

In this post, I wanted to share this part of my eclipse/meditation “mission”, and to say how much this assignment meant to me.  Yes, I was assigned by a higher calling to come here today instead of being in the main path of the historical eclipse.

I traveled the Trace for the second day in a row, and it was just as beautiful as yesterday. I had a confirmation in the sky from a spirit elder. I know who he is, and I was honored and humbled he showed himself to me this way!


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To see the eclipse, I did not order special glasses. Instead, I fashioned my own gadget from a camera stand and reading glasses…love the internet! Universal “how-to” library.

My straw hat made little eclipses all over the place, all over me, and it was a amazing sign that the magnification of today’s meditation was in play.


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After yesterdays 8.20.17 activation, today’s meditation was quiet and relaxing.  Old “Sol” was not showing his bite through my regular camera lens…but what interesting images nonetheless!


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I activated an additional Cintamani…she was pink in the light! Perfect for the meditation instructions!  I actually held this to my pineal and felt an implant removal in my left cheekbone…no kidding.


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I did the meditation posted at the Portal2012.com website, and was it ever powerful!   It was hot and humid on the mound, and there were folks driftng all around, but at the moment of meditation at 1:11 CST, there were a few folks at one end, a few at the other and ME in the center, at the cintamani site.

For my part, I felt the meditation seemed like a long adventure. I felt the energies of the  thousands of people participating in our sacred undertaking, as well as the uninformed, yet energetically “wowed” spectators in the USA.

Planted Cintamani

This one goes into the Mound

Here is what I know: This mission was a HUGE success !!!!! and that is what matters!!!!!! We did it, together, and we will keep on doing it -together.

After the meditation, I closed the sacred space (for now) and thanked the ancient elders, spirit helpers and ancestral energies. What an honor to be here of all places on Earth.




I am honored to be invited here by the wisdom keepers. Yakoki! Aho!


I’m looking forward to the Cobra update  when posted.  added: (posted here)

Goddess wants LOVE and LOVE it shall be!!!!!  AHO!


Until next time….





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