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3.3.18 Chaotic Nodes, on BEing, and… “THE EVENT IS COMING!!!!”

Big news abounds throughout the awakened world, and I don’t mean all the obvious “cabal-elite-deepstate, archon, Q, etc” stuff.

If you read the prior post, you have seen the recent intel from Cobra. (If you haven’t followed this intel before, I’m sorry, but its impossible to do any backstory now, you can do that on your own.)  What he relates is connected to the stories below.

AS ALWAYS:  Use your OWN good discernment. Take what you can use and relate to,  and leave the rest.

The Crow-dar registered off-meter hits today on a few things, some of which I don’t usually find time for: video, recordings, interviews, etc.  (I simply don’t want or have time – even if interested – to listen or watch things these days, as I am busy DOING and BEING. I can read and scan headlines and blog posts with ease, but I just cant do the “sit and watch or listen” thing.)


These things are standing out to me in big ways. Dots have connected and lines are being formed.

1) Cobras intel update: see here:

Cobra: Situation Update 3.2.18

2) Kauilapele’s : “All of this ‘Holy Crap’ will indeed Come to an End”

Good friend and brother KP covers great set of topics in today’s radio broadcast. In particular, he mentions the chaotic node (Tom Kenyon) and boy, have I had some recent experiences with THAT! What a great reminder that when we experience what FEELAS traumatic, we are actually building and moving through a chaotic node, that leaves us in a higher vibration (as long as we release, let go and trust)

If you do nothing else read the show notes for connecting dots.

3) Kyron of Magentic Service:

Kryon on False Predictions

Here’s a great one that folds right in with today’s messages, found at BP’s StarshipEarth site.


  1. There is no manual for what we are encountering with this transformation!
  2. What are we each supposed to be doing? Trust synchronicity, accept where it leads, be patient, and ask, “What if I am already doing IT? Just by being ME?”
  3. What’s holding us back? The “doom” mentality! Waiting for the other shoe to drop and believing in the predictions of war, apocalypse, etc.   Staying in that story is old energy…look for the new story. Shine light on the new story. Old souls (all listening) can create the new by canceling the “ripple” of the old story.
  4. Movies being developed by the indigos have hope and are rewriting the past to reflect more of the truth. They will paint the future…watch for stories and movies and info that has soften kinder and brighter futures, the meeting with benevolent ETs, etc.

Lots here as usual with Kryon.


4.Before, During and After the Event – QHHT Client Sessions

I was excited like a kid listening to this information by hypnotist *GGG Allison Coe, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)


*GGG = goofy, giggly gal


Allison is obviously one of US, and she has a bubbly delivery but she isn’t silly -just full of life and joy!  I’d like to adopt her!

Allison has some amazing information that comes from her recent clients, who all seem to report the same or similar information about the EVENT!

You will ( unless you aren’t quite ready )  love this information!  Every section has info that is pertinent and amazing.

Some of the things that resonated with me were:
  1. The Event looks like: A WAVE. Looks like a wave rolling in – wildfire colors, like rainbow smoke, iridescent, miles high, it’s shining and covers the sky. A solar flash ushers in the event
  2. Event feels like: we will vibrate, tingle, and be BLISSED OUT (a true natural high) love and energy, may take time and that varies between individuals, comes from South or Southeast.
  3. New Earth: Sky Helpers (cosmic beings) harbor some who need healing and adjusting on ships, others are ready to go into 5-D , or New Earth
  4. When we get back our abilities (like we finally get the manual!) to do cool stuff (telepathy, levitation, healing, manifesting etc), we will also go between 3-D and 5-D (and, to do it you engage an ancient shamanic technique! She says the client said: “Look down and focus down to go to 3-D and look up focus to travel up to get to 5-D”….(oh, you mean go to LOWER WORLD and UPPER WORLD? )
  5. Currency exchange comes AFTER event (as Cobra has been saying all along-see his newest post as well)
  6. When? Estimates vary but many say March or early 2018. ( Uh, hello! March is here, bay-bay!)
  7. Precursors- more turmoil, more unrest, more chaos….(check, check, check.)_
  8. Thousands are already connected to this energy…its like a light. It stays, it grows and doesn’t leave.  A final wave comes in 4-7 years and then that’s the final rise.
  9. The New Earth is not for everyone, and was seen as different for different people. If you stay you will….(have to watch the video around 20:00)
  10. Negative thoughts block the light, so let them go. We are all on paths that serve us, so even if you bump into someone whose path seems to disrupt yours, just step aside and move around them. Let them find their way because they are going to the same place we all are, they are just on a harder path.
  11. Chaos is moving us toward healing. No war coming (aligns with this recording from Kryon)
  12. The closer we are to matching the frequency when it comes, the more it feels GOOD. Otherwise we may feel dazed or groggy.
  14.  Many are here to just BE and to focus on self, not on others. Allow others their own path. SOME ARE HERE TO HOLD AND ASSIMILATE THE LIGHT, and not to try to do other things! We have to empty ourselves to hold as much light as possible. Its a lot of work to assimilate the light for everyone. It’s a big job! There is a spectrum of people who are here just to do that.   (Crow note: So stop worrying and stop asking: why am I here? If you don’t already know what you are here to do, assume you are already doing it by not doing anything! Just be and hold light!!!!)
  15. Are you dreaming you and a ship and being trained or attending meetings? You could be getting ready to help others, lots are being trained.
  16.  at 42:28  : Is there anything to do to prepare people (asleep)?  Nope, its coming, its on the way!
  17. at 43:16 There is a NET of people around the world to hold the incoming light(Crow Note: Our Mississippi Goddess group, plus others around the country have recently been working to protect and strengthen our coastlines, which we feel are under energetic attack to stop the net)
  18. Some will think it was a dream, but people comparing “dreams”about this event will be able to figure out it was real, and is real and ongoing. Negativity is eradicated, some will die and not be able to accept the light, but only a very few(the dark, stubborn ones)

There is ALOT more.

Get a cuppa, a pint or whatever, take a listen, and laugh along with GGG Allison.

I did!




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