What’s it all about, Southie?

I’m a Deep South gal, born and raised in Mississippi. This trip, I’m headed EAST, a perfect place to begin a story about ceremonial work. (Eastgate is the gate of beginnings, things new, creation and birth)

This mission has been in the works for a couple of years. I heard the call to come this way, and exactly what I was meant to do, about 2 years ago , but could not seem to get it together and make it work.

However, it all fell into place very quickly about a week ago. BOOM! Have to go, have to go, now, Now, NOW!

Its a long trip…3 weeks total. My guy, the Brit, (more on him later) finally worked his way over the pond, and as usual, his energy spurred the process. Within days of his arrival, the entire trip was laid out, planned, and off we went.

I can’t quite post the entire itinerary just yet.  It’s a safety precaution.  (These lower energies like to think they can mess around with this sort of healing adventure, and so I have to lay low to a certain extent. )But I will share as I can. For now -here’s what I have to share:

MISSION: To clear and reset energies in these eastern cities and places, or to visit and experience something that assists the mission:

  1. ASHEVILLE, NC- Clearing and experience
  2. Waynesboro, VA- Experience
  3. NYC – Clearing, Clearing CLEARING…RESET energies, end old paradigms,do healing cermonies, call back the ancestral energies and open the portals of truth. End of the deceptions and manipulations. PLACES:  (Will post all locations later) I can tell you that Wall Street will be addressed, World Trade and United Nations. I appreciate any and all spiritual assistance of support, protection, but basically the actually actions, ceremonies…its mine to do. I can share that tobacco will be tossed furiously! Ha!
  4. MONTAUK, Long Island-:   CLEARING, HEALING, DISCLOSURE, and …yep, that trauma stuff has to be addressed.
  5. BOSTON: Been here before, but  finishing up some things and visiting a dear lightworker friend. HEALING AND CLEARING MY OWN SPIRIT AS WELL!
  6. WASHNGTON, DC.- A full post by itself, but Washington Monument calls me ….more on this soon.  So much to address, but waiting to” hear” the final stuff.
  7. WAYNESBORO, VA- return and heal in the Tachyon Chamber.

There will be more, I’ll add updates here as I know them.

If you feeled “cawed” to,  take a few seconds to think of the Crow(me) and the Brit (my guy) as we travel.  It never fails to be exciting, unpredictable and wild when we do these spiritual trips, and we can use your support  and prayers on this 3 week mission.

Peace, Love and Healing…caw!

Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Indigenous ceremonial creator




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