Theories abound on the topic of 9-11 truth.  For anyone with even a little bit of brainpower, there can be no doubt that we’ve been lied to about most of in one way or another.

This page is dedicated to providing sources of information on this topic for those who have the ability to QUESTION official stories.

If you REALLY think that 9-11 was a lucky attack by a few terrorists with the agenda to show America that she is hated for her freedom, and that’s all there is to it…well, my friend, you must now open your eyes and begin your education.  You have landed here on this site and you must now choose…to read or to run? To genuinely look and see what thousands and thousands of professionals have uncovered about this incident, or continue putting your head in the sand and be one of the sheep who believes every single thing your TV and newspapers tell you?

There are the obvious lies (such as Building 7) and the hard core corruption (re: follow the money and start with Larry Silverstein, Dick Cheney/Haliburton/Blackwater, Chertoff and the TSA scanners and assorted liberty stripping/money makers that don’t work) there’s the tricky deception in the DoD (Rumsfeld and the missing 2.3 trillion…oh and the Pentagon attack just happened to take out all those investigating that loss) as well as the far-out admitted agenda by the so called illuminati/cabal/neocons (Bushes/Clintons/Bildeburgers) to bring about a new world order? ( ADMITTED being the key word here)

The rabbit hole goes deep and into may nooks and crannies. It’s overwhelming. But we MUST QUESTION. Because what we’ve been told does not make sense.

Just WHAT IS the truth….that’s the hard part. What really happened and why? Who was really responsible?

There are so many answers to these questions, and the proof is traceable and comes with reams and stacks and barrelfulls of hard evidence. So many common-sense motives are in place: and none of them have to do with a few poorly trained pilots of the Muslim faith (who just so happened to  drink, smoke and party down with hookers..c’mon! Really??).

Use your own discernment. I can’t possibly figure this all out, but I CAN see there is is BIG PROBLEM with the official story and I’m just sharing some things I have found that helped me realize that. I don’t claim to know it all. But I can see there is SOMETHING NOT RIGHT.

I may organize this at some point, but for now I will just post links.

If you REALLY want to learn and understand I suggest you do searches on your own. Try different search engines, too, I have found that they show different links. GO to youtube and hit some of the group sites below.

A very succinct telling of the official story and the good points about coverups and lies:


Short and to the point:

Pentagon CNN no evidence of plane


These groups who have the brainpower, resources and experience to make valued judgements concerning 9-11, and/or who have celebrity status that may be damaged by daring to question the official story. Their links provide a lifetime of research, you won’t be able to see everything here, that’s how VAST it is. But read and look:

Scientists for 9-11 truth

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth

Pilots for 9-11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9-11 Truth

Actors and Artists for 9-11 Truth

Lawyers for 9-11 Truth

Scholars for 9-11 Truth

9-11 Truth.org


Insider testimonies:

Susan Lindaur

A good summary:

9-11 Hard Evidence by David Chandler

Building 7:


lots of info:


The Corbett Report- 9/11 Suspects  (each one of these videos is fantastic and sh0rt)

And now just a group of links that were in my research , Just random finds I found worthy. I’ll add more as I go along, or as people submit to me:

After 15 Years, 9-11 questions still smouldering

9-11 Bombshell New Evidence- Methodical Deception

These 3 Groups are Responsible For 9/11 and the Fake War on Terror


FLight 93 witness

FLight 93 Witness2

CBS Report FLt 93

Bob Pugh Pentagon Witness

Albert Stubblebine, III

Pentagon Attack


9-11 phone calls not possible


Is anything presented here truth? Is everything they told us a lie?

The job here is not to lump everything together but to sort and sift and find what makes sense.

SOMETHING is FISHY and THERE ARE OFFICIAL LIES. There’s really no doubt about that.

Which is which, and what is what …that is the story we are all still waiting for.

Do your due diligence; seek the truth and do not consent to be appeased with things that don’t make sense.






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