3rd Stop…Big Apple, Day 1

 We took off on June 12 and 13 to do our thing in the City. More postings soon to come (see below), please send your good enegies, Reiki,  any prayers healing and good wishes! We carrying it all.

It’s now Sunday evening in Jackson Heights, people are winding down from what has to have been one of the most perfect spring days ever created. I can’t really describe how beautiful the day was! I’m looking out our window, it’s getting dark finally, families are walking home from parks, people are out walking the dogs, some older folks visiting on the manicured stoops.


Me?….this Crow has her feet up, and her wings folded.  And she is POOPED.

I was up late last night preparing for today, just couldn’t sleep (much like the night before I do  a soul retrieval ceremony) i think I last looked at the clock about 3 am. And so, we  arose a little later than planned. Took a while to get out the door, because the Brit and I had to decide what train to take and where we were starting the route for today’s ceremonies.  Plus, we were still recovering from our long trip into the city yesterday, driving all the way from Waynesboro, VA.[…And, wouldn’t you know it, we missed our turn onto 278 to skirt the city and get to Queensborough.  Our 3 GPS devices all agreed (those dirty bastards) to take us down into the heart of Soho and Chinatown on Saturday night…wohooo! Put us an hour and some behind, but after disecting the City via Holland tunnel, we navigated by eyesight and at last landed at our beautiful apt. (More on accommodations to come,  but let me just say, this place ROCKS.]

But, I digress.  Back to today’s story:

We at last got going around 10:30am, and Sunday  was definitely an easy day’s ride into the city.


Empty metro…Tomorrow is Monday and I expect it to be a wee bit different

Our first stop: World Trade Center. That was our plan.

Spirit saw it differently. (just like taking us last night through center of town to get to Jackson Heights!)

NY City Hall

We didn’t know it,because we could not figure out exactly where we were getting off the train, but we actually exited at New York City Hall. HMMM!  The Crow felt a ceremony was needed, and one was done.  I had lots of helpers as well.

This video doesn’t exist

Ceremony begins back side. Sacred Tobacco and carnelian stone (which will fall off soon) placed to assist the energies.(Carnelian, among other things lends the courage needed to help overcome difficulties and defend a cause. It promotes idealism, a sense of community and pragmatism. Im sure other meanings/reasons will appear later.)


We continued the ceremony to the front side, which was also locked up, but found a medicine wheel fountain ( linking to the Asheville fountain ceremony) and so,  circles were walked, stones were tossed, (Lepidolite – meaning) tobacco placed at the 4 directions.


Lepidolite prepares to take a swim in the upper bowl

City Hall now ceremonially cleared of the lower energies, and restored to the beautiful, assisting line of energy meant to support the people of The Great City. As with all changes, there may be some resistance at first, some Rubik’s cubing*, but nonetheless, its all different now.

Cant wait to see what happens tomorrow when the doors open!

*Rubik’s cubing= As with a Rubik’s cube, sometimes you have to completely scramble things that seem already set, just to get that last piece into place.

On to World Trade Center…..

World Trade Center

I want to say immediately….that what I write here is only my take, my opinion. This is how it hits me. It is not meant to offend, and certainly not meant to disrespect anything connected with the lost souls who were sacrificed at this spot. I know these souls are doing and experiencing in a world I can’t readily see, and I have the view that they live on.  I stated my prayers and honored those souls upon approaching this sacred ground. May they rest in peace, and may their loved ones find peace as well.

I have to start by stating this was nothing like what I expected. I’m expecting a place of sanctuary, a place of prayer and peace.A quiet,sacred area where people speak in hushed tones and move slowly.

The first thing I see is a large construction area, a future transportation hub. Its literally a huge, white bird-like sculpture, and it reminds me of the iconic fingered-steel scrap that jutted out of the bombed footprint when the towers fell. I understand it was deigned to let the sunlight in to it, and to instill a feeling of openness, air, light and warmth.

I like that.

But there is something about the cultured architecture that sets me in an uneasy way. The people are not quiet, there is not a feeling of sacredness, there is feeling of…gawking. (perhaps it was just todays visitors)

This bird building has a strange “feel” to it. Something seems a bit off about it to me.

I then see what appears to be a building laying on its side, as if it has literally fallen. (Its the new museum for the site.) I expect that it panders to the visitors coming here, offering souvenirs, food, keychains, etc….for me, this building makes me feel sick. Literally,my stomach hurts looking at it. I don’t understand how this all fits, but….thats ME, and I don’t expect anyone else to agree.

Im just saying.


Building on Side WTC


I move on to the new tower and the old site.

I read somewhere that the footprints of the trade towers were turned into pools. I liked that idea, and I expected to actually see pools: peaceful planes of calm, serene water.

What I see…well, all I can say is……its not something I find particularly peaceful. At all.

What *I* see is a couple of humongous drains.  Monster sewers, sucking down water into the underworld, never to be seen again. Foundations are spewing water over the rails and then…..down the drain it goes, as if into a vortex.

The energy is literally being sucked downward and away.

I really don’t like this memorial at all. And again, I am NOT trying to say anything other than that!

“I don’t like it!!!!”


There is definitely something strange about this site (IMO), and I move to get centered and take  a good look all around, and to “hear” what the ceremony shall be.

I see the new tower standing over the old site, like great sundial, an OF COURSE its all triangles. And the sun, it hits it in such striking ways! I see the energies of the sun and the beings of light everywhere…!!!


I finally hear the ceremony:I am to start in the center of the two footprints. I gather the tools:


Amethyst points, lepidolite and peace charms, the mini kelp pocket rattle and…tobacco pouch.

I do a figure 8 (infinity)  , walking around the footprints, tossing tobacco into the water, tossing the crystals and symbolic peace signs into the huge fountain at specific points to establish a healing grid, weaving my way around both pools.

Its a sobering walk. A long walk.  Im scanning the names of all the dead as I toss tobacco and move to the extreme corners for the stone placements.

I get to the far corner….And…wouldn’t you know it, a policeman catches me doing a toss….of a crystal, the amethyst point…

He comes over and says” Miss, what did you just throw into that fountain?” I was not alarmed or afraid, and I said,” Well, its tobacco.”  He tilts his head and looks at me like a puppy who just heard a strange noise, and says, “what?”

So I open the pouch and show him tobacco,(hiding the remaining stones in my other hand) and he says, “Why?”  so I say “Well, I’m  a Native American, and this is how we pray.”  He looks confused.  Im staring him dead in the eye. He reached out to touch my rattle and says “what’s that?” and I say “It’s a small rattle. I rattle, I offer sacred tobacco and I pray for the souls”. (I completely ignored explaining the crystal toss that he saw.)

And by now the helping spirits come to the rescue, and like ObiWan with the Stormtroopers , the Force suddenly makes him say “Oh!!! you pray! Well ,Ok then! you go right ahead”..nodding and stepping away as he approves my motives and waves me on.

I did continue, but I altered my tossing methods a bit . No need to press things and get arrogant…..especially since I right then see the sign “Do Not Throw anything into the pools” and I see the pod of police scoping out the “dangerous” tourists.


(the Brit says he saw a machine gun or some such thing on one of these guys! “Thats a bit excessive isn’t it?” he says in that British accent that always adds a little smirk in the air. I do love the Brit 😉

I walk and rattle the entire loop ( to only a few strange glances) and afterward, I stand and gaze at the tower, raising the rattle and clearing all things.


The sunlight is striking, and I feel the energy flowing alomg the infinity path I laid. The tower now sends its beacon out in a new way, without the control, without the deception and the lies.

No more of that!

As a final statement of honor, I walk to the very edge of the gardens, find a quiet secluded spot and plant a crystal under the grass. I lay  sage and place two crow feathers, symbols of the 2 towers lost, and giving flight to the souls who may still linger. I pray a prayer:

May healing find all of us, and may the truth at last be acknowledged, accepted and received. May those responsible receive what they have called to themselves, and may the Great Spirit have mercy on all.


Symbolic of the towers: helping spirits guiding souls who need assistance.



We then traveled on to Wall Street, (which I will post that story tomorrow.Its late here. I will say however…The Bull won’t ever be the same! and I can’t wait to see what happens at at opening bell!)

The day was a success, and lots of good energy work was done.Thank you all for contributing and for caring to do your own work in your own ways.


Leaving the World Trade site, we headed down to the financial area around Wall Street.  Thanks to the Brit’s nose for direction, we landed there on the corner where the Federal Building sits diagonally to the NYSE.

Because it was Sunday, relatively little pedestrian traffic greeted us, and we could move about easily and take in the energies. I wasn’t sure of the exact plan, but I knew that one of the main things I was here to do was to place the intention to end the paradigm of fiat currency, debt, loans and lack.  The big shell game that Wall Street and the NYSE represents (to me) was to be cleared, and new energies placed,  freedom from lies and manipulation, and the fairy tail of lack,debt, mortgage, securities, hedges and all those wordy-words of the CIC (Criminals in Charge)

If you reading this and you don’t understand what I mean by the above, please do some research. A great place to start would be any video by Bill Still. I recommend “The Money Masters” and “the Secret of OZ”.

Central Banking and the “borrowing” of paper printed by the Federal Reserve (who is not federal at all, but a private corporation) is the cause of the slavery paradigm  we know as “jobs” and “going to work” and “earning a living”.   Why the nation has to borrow money from the Federal Reserve when the constitution clearing states that the government of the united states of America is the only authority to print its own money (at no charge!) is the greatest financial fraud and manipulation ever perpetrated upon Americans. I’m off the soap box for now, but rest assured that this is one of the main reasons we are all under the “spell” of “lack”.

Some interesting facts you may not be aware of:

Wall ST is called such because basically, the original natives came to meet the Dutch and offered a peaceful treaty….the place was called Hoboken, meaning  The Pipe of Peace. Not surprising, the natives were then massacred, and the Dutch built a wall of pickets and logs to thwart any revenge by neighboring tribes. Later, this area became a great market for the slave trade, auctions and speculators in trade securities.  The wall was also reinforced to keep out the British, but they broke through and renamed the place New York.

All of which did not stop the trade or building of central banking.  In the late 17th century, the original NYSE was established by The Buttonwood Agreement, and was basically a good-ole’-boys club whose members wore top hats and swallowtail coats.

Yes, just like the Game of Monopoly.

Also, NYC was the first capital of the USA, and our first President, GW, was inaugurated here in 1789. He took the oath of office right on the steps of the Federal Building, (which is the Old City Hall….hmmm!!!! no wonder I had to land at City Hall first!)and later, the Bill of Rights was passed here.


No one but me walked up those steps the whole time we watched the crowd. So, Crow flew up and spread peace energy behind George.  I then stuck a crystal on his pedestal. After, lots of people walked up there! YAY!


Wood from the wall still evident in the streets.


We were then drawn to follow Wall St a bit, and low and behold, the Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street.


Bloodstone is the crystal of the day, placed everywhere we went. This beauty was placed in a crack in the sidewalk right at the doorway entrance. Anyone going inside now has to pass over it.Hey, look at the little crow on its side!

Bloodstone meaning: intense cleansing of life blood, attraction of wealth and abundance, inspires courage and freedom.  More here:


Interesting read on the plaque:


You can see more here on wiki where a picture of that pyramid is shown atop the building. (Interestingly, a plane crashed into this building in 1946….and managed not disintegrate into baby powder and fall into its own footprint at free fall  speed. AMAZING, yes?)

We were drawn to another interesting tower, 14 Wall Street, with this plaque:


Originally built as headquarters of Banker’s Trust….definitly an oxymoron.

These guys really like their towers, temples and pyramids. Anyway, the reason I am posting this, is because  it would be here, in a nearby street drain, that a special energetic would be placed. More on that later in the article.

It was now that we decided to finally address the bull, and that is…the bull of all bulls, the Charging Bull at the plaza at Bowling Green, facing up broadway.

People see the bull as a symbol of Wall street, the power of the financial district and its brute strength ability to stomp and skewer those who get in the way of making money.

BUT…did you know that the bull is really a piece of guerrilla art, paid for, created and covertly placed in the financial district by its creator, Auturo DiModica, now my absolute new favorite hero. DUDE!


“Stay thirsty, my friends.” 

Arturo created the statue as a gift the people of New York and the world, as a can-do-spirit totem and a thumbing-nose gesture to the 1987 financial crash. The story of his secret operation to place this 3.5 ton bronze beauty into the heart of the money district is a story you ABSOLUTELY MUST go to Autiro’s site and read about here.

Let me say, though, this Crow now understands her connection to all this…because Auturo created this baby in his studio in the Soho district on CROSBY street….CAW!!


Grabbing the bull by the balls

There was a huge que waiting to have photos taken under the balls of Bully. Which I thought was just, well, bull…so i came at him from another angle. lots of alone time on this side.

I placed a bloodstone right under his armpit,sending out the signal that Auturo ignited   with his historic creation. Bravo Auturo!!!  I hope I have helped in some way to spread your good intentions and energies.



A little gem to honor and assist the greater good.


With Bully reinforced, the last act of the day was to recreate the opening bell of the NYSE.

I cleared the old meaning of the bell and reestablished the bell as portal of support to everyone, not just to the CIC and the players of the shell game called money.

I dropped the bell into a drain back at 14 Wall Street, where it can stay or be swept into the sewer and do its ringing underground.

This act brought the ceremony to a full circle and closed the day for us.


A last interesting item…right there as we came back toward the NYSE I noticed this symbol of the cabal in the famous store “Hermes”.  Hermes is a family name of the original owners, but Hermes is also an Olympian god, son of Zeus. Known as “the trickster” he outwits other gods as he works for humankind. He is the god of transitions and boundaries….so let that be a reminder that humankind is standing on its own boundaries against those who would cheat, lie, manipulate and brainwash anyone for their own purposes. We are transitioning to our new strength and claiming our power, and we are being fully supported by the likes of Hermes and Bully.

The CIC are being outwitted, and will ultimatly fall on their own rusty swords.



Come hither, Cabal banksters, I have something new for you.

Thank you to everyone who sent good energy for this important leg of the summer tour! You can still send your prayers and energies to all these places and they will be carried by the gemstones and totems laid in place.

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