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New David Seaman…He’s OK

This speaks for itself. Thankful for your safety, David! We are with you!   tac

New Gaia Portal….Yes, PORTAL!!!

I don’t know how, exactly …but this new post at Gaia Portal definitely has something to do with what I saw today in Mississippi.   Preliminary constructs become clear, and are manifested in fullness 25 Feb Preliminary constructs become clear, and are manifested in fullness. Heavens of the masses are unveiled for the nothingness they are. … Continue reading

Post Etheric Liberation, Day 1….Mississippi skies reflecting the changes

Whoooooooaaaaa, Nelly! (As they used to say in the old time western movies.)     Had to fly into town today (by car, unfortunately), through the capital city  of Jackson, Mississippi. (and yes we actually DO sit atop a volcano! Hence, the Pele appearance yesterday) It’s always a TREAT, (Caw!) to fight that insane traffic … Continue reading

New Jordan Sather

Here’s a new Jordan, bringing it down to us in his beautiful unique way. Can I adopt this guy? He says exactly what we are all saying and getting in our individual guidance,from online sources. WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS. The CIC* are squirming in their nasty little nests… HERE WE COME, CRIMINALS!    He mentioned … Continue reading

Message From “Anonymous”

I don’t always agree with the group Anonymous-their  tactics or their statements-but this new announcement hits the spot. People are waking up, and you who are reading this…that’s right, YOU!…are part of the awakening.  It’s HAPPENING folks ~ better get your surfboards waxed cause the waves are coming in fast. So, keep doing what you … Continue reading


This is amazing news from the Portal (Cobra) website!!!! CRITICAL MASS ACHIEVED I’m on pins and needles waiting to see his new post!!!!! Bookmark this if not already done:   if you care to read about my experience today of this meditation( it was quite amazing) see my previous post.   you can also send … Continue reading

Etheric Liberation Meditation Experience 2.26.17

Etheric Liberation Meditation Experience By Crowcaws If you are not familiar with the background surrounding this particular meditation, here is a great(short) youtube video that explains: If you need some information about the atrocities in the Congo against our sisters and brothers there, here is a starting point: Click here for more education on … Continue reading


Meditation reaching critical mass, join us NOW!LIBERATION!!!!!!!  

Ethereic Liberation: Bring it!

New info on Sunday’s liberation meditation from the Portal (Cobra) website. Update: audio version to assist you here: (Check out sticky post here at  Crowcaws for more) I’m adding Mississippi’s clouds yesterday, which I photographed riding home on the Natchez Trace. The photo does not capture the real energy, as I felt is was very … Continue reading

Why Can’t They See The Truth? Piercing the 9 Veils

OK, so how many times a day do you shake your head in amazement that the people around you are still drinking the kool ade, listening to TV news, and ignoring common sense conclusions instead of acknowledging the evidence that we’ve been lied to about…everything? Not only do I find that I am amazed, I … Continue reading

Young Gun Jordan Sather: Bring Your Truth!

Just discovered this alt news young gun truth-seeker by the name of Jordan Sather. Holy cow…who IS this kid? I discovered his videos recently at Stillness in the Storm, and that led me to his YouTube channel. My opinion- he’s got something going on, and I’m hearing alot of things that are resonating as truth, … Continue reading

AZ, the RV, and Real Money

OK…so this post about money got my attention. State Deals Blow to Federal Reserve, House Passes Bill To Treat Silver and Gold as Money Read more at   Apparently, gold and silver are now actually considered money…(uh, you mean they weren’t before?) Not according to the Federal Reserve.This history of money goes back -way, … Continue reading

Heroic Women Series, Part 1 ~ Sibel Edmonds: The Most Classified Woman in US History

Heroic Women Series, Part 1 ~                 Sibel Edmonds: The Most Classified Woman in US History by Crowcaws I don’t remember the exact date I came across Sibel Edmonds’ 2004 open letter to Thomas Kean, Chairman National Committee on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, but I do remember that it had a powerful impact on … Continue reading

David Wilcock and Corey Goode at Conscious Life Expo…notes

Found this at Stillness in the Storm. Thanks to Patricia Sullivan for getting these so those of us who could not be there can stay up to speed. Friday, February 17, 2017 David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Revealing the Five Alliance Groups — CLE 2017 Notes: Part 1 (Stillness in the Storm Editor) David Wilcock … Continue reading

Cobra Meditation: ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26 I know you are as ready as I am for the liberation of this planet. PAST ready! All roads are converging toward that very scenario, we just need to give a final boost to the energies in order to make it happen. The critical number of 144,00 people meditating is needed to make this … Continue reading

David Wilcock and Corey Goode with Jimmy Church, Conscious Life Expo 2017

Scoping out YouTube, I came across this Feb 10 interview from the Conscious Life Expo. I know it’s not “official”… but I couldn’t help myself. A few highlights: ‼️Those evil pedophiles could be getting their come-uppance in a very short time. The FBI insider leaking info on 4 chan is saying its close…like, next week! … Continue reading


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