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Young Gun Jordan Sather: Bring Your Truth!


Just discovered this alt news young gun truth-seeker by the name of Jordan Sather.

Holy cow…who IS this kid?

I discovered his videos recently at Stillness in the Storm, and that led me to his YouTube channel.

My opinion- he’s got something going on, and I’m hearing alot of things that are resonating as truth, things I already know, BUT….it’s so good to hear a young’un (I mean young GUN) shoot from the hip to help awaken the masses.

He looks 12, but I bet he’s about 25.

In any case, I am LOVING that he knows these deep issues and talks about it with confidence and assurance. And, he knows ALOT.

Education is everything. He’s educating people. He’s young and we need that.

And frankly…at 57, I’m tired. Let these young guns do it!

Truth or Disinfo?

Is he a troll? a plant? giving a few truths with disinfo interspersed? (We know that’s how the Cabal works)

I can’t say for sure, but I do think he’s got something going on. I get that “zing” of truth when I hear his passion and his excitement at speaking his truth.

I think J’s got a career ahead! Holy crap, if I had known all this at age 12 25, I would have been in such a different place.

I’m looking forward to more from Jordan.

What’s in a Name?

Isn’t it interesting that the name JORDAN means” to descend or flow down”.

He’s absolutely bringing info down to us in a way we can understand.

In this video, he speaks to holistic thinking. And, that’s really whats it all about. The controllers have us compartmentalizing EVERYTHING. We are not using the wholeness of our human existence, and we therefore miss out on the “messages” that our “parts” would otherwise be communicating.

He’s got tons of videos, peruse them all and enjoy.

*As always use your discernment. Take what you need and leave the rest, and TRUST that you know what you need.


Heres another for your enjoyment


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