2016 First Stop…ASHEVLLE, NC


I’m lucky to have great friend here, and I have so missed him!  He generously gave the Brit and me his bedroom, even though he just moved in and was still in boxes. LOVE YOU RHAB! (More on this later.)


I THOUGHT i was coming here just to and have place to stay and visit my dear friend while heading East…little did I know that there was huge OBELISK in the heart of Asheville.

Those of you that know the Crow know she flies to an obelisk at every chance. It took a while to understand why, and I will post more on that eventually…but for now, let me just say that I when I saw it -I knew what I was there to do.

Please add your good prayers and energies to this beautiful beacon! AHO!

VIDEO at end…enjoy.


Obelisk dedicated to Zebulon Vance, Confederate leader and former governor of NC…also (i suspect) affiliated with Freemasons somehow.



Standing west, looking east as the sun rises.


Gee…guess I was right?



Ceremonial Cleared…beautiful beacon of healing



There was medicine water wheel already in place…tossed in a few quartz! added some red mahogany obsidian.



Spirits in the grove nearby…seriously!


Mahogany obsidian sits at the base, doing its thing.


On to the next leg…Waynesboro, VA.

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