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These links will allow you to track Irma, Jose and others. It also shows the path and the storm as happening: Hurricane Tracker Animated Regional Tracker Meantime, if you feel so moved, please join in the worldwide mediation to help alleviate the energy of this hurricane: Hurricane Meditation Like many, I have friends in the … Continue reading

The Dark Files/tonight

“The reasons American are so interested in conspiracies, is because conspiracies happen”. That is the opening line of the preview clip for History Channel’s new special, The Dark Files, airing tonight, Sept 8, 2017, on the History Channel at 10/9CT. The show is an expose of the Montauk site, Camp Hero, and the secret goings … Continue reading

Mississippi Manifesting 101

Are you a manifestor? Are you any good at it? I’ve tried for years to get the Law of Attraction to work. Up until a few months ago, I’d say sometimes it does work, and sometimes…it does not. But, things are changing, and I’m thinking I might be on to something. Maybe all the work … Continue reading


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