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On The Arrival of Fall in Mississippi

I know, I know, fall officially arrived September 21. However, here in Mississippi we always seem to be a little behind everyone else, and that includes the changing seasons. Yesterday we had 80’s weather but last night the winds of fall came in on a much needed rain storm. In honor of the falling leaves … Continue reading

New Cobra Post 11.18.16

  Cobra shares some good things, as always…and I hope you are as uplifted and as enlightened as I always am reading his Intel. Friday, November 18, 2016 Situation Update and Monthly Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are quite successful in severing the tentacles … Continue reading

Two goodies for 11.16

The work we do has effect. Alexandra Meadors, of Galactic Connection, has posted some good news….(always use discernment in reading messages.) Alexandra Delivers an Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator – November 15, 2016 [VIDEO]   Also a great Gaia Portal   Freedoms flow as Inner Lights are illuminated. Fortunates kneel before their … Continue reading


  Lots of activity going on with the Supermoon all over the world. I hope you are doing some sort of ceremony for yourself or the world, it’s too good to pass up this incredible reflecting energy. There are quite a few worldwide meditations going on the last couple days and today – here’s one … Continue reading

and the plot thickens…

Good job to all of your wise readers who held the space and were able to rise above the craziness! Like me, you have probably had your share of folks trying to get you to either celebrate or cry with them, depending. As in yesterday’s post, I am restating: I don’t have a horse  in … Continue reading

Holding The Space 11/8/2016

As Americans, we habitually over-inflate our importance. In reality, there are billions of lovely people all over the world who care not a drop about the outcome of this election (I am one), as it has no bearing (ultimately) on their lives or happiness whatsoever. Why? Because politics is a game. Like baseball. And, like … Continue reading

That there’s funny

It’s all too much, the election (I mean SELECTION) and the attached drama. I’ve gotta laugh a little. Maybe you will, too. Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States By Andy Borowitz,October 29, 2016 Well, some people make a good case that we’ve always been under British Rule. And politics of war has … Continue reading


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