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On The Arrival of Fall in Mississippi

I know, I know, fall officially arrived September 21. However, here in Mississippi we always seem to be a little behind everyone else, and that includes the changing seasons.

Yesterday we had 80’s weather but last night the winds of fall came in on a much needed rain storm.

In honor of the falling leaves here’s a little Crow poem with pictures taken just today.



On The Arrival of Fall in Mississippi

by Dancing Crow


Fall arrived today, although not announced

I felt it in the air.

That touch of crisp

Whirling and brief, yet decidedly there.

Smelling all clean and free

from the usual despair.

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I just saw a leaf

Fall from a tree

Swishing, afloat on the late summer wind

The very first I’ve happened to see

Still green, lithe, still able to bend.

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I really love summer. I do!

But autumn has snuck in

And I can’t say I’m sorry

To see it begin.

In fact, it feels


to end one thing and start something new.

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That leaf reminds me that things always change.

And brings me hope of helping something be

As it should.

As I want it to be.

A new chance to make it all good.

There’s that smell again,

Gently moving the tips of the tree tops.

Soon, I guess, it’ll be time to put away

The flip flops.

Till next year.

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You know, it’s rather nice to breathe air

and not steam

Before long, I’ll be eating hot chili

instead of ice cream

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No, it won’t be long now –

an old sweater, some firewood and the big rake will be calling.

And hey, look!

there’s another leaf









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