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Calendars, Astrology, and Moving Forward in 2017

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Oh my, 2016…what a year. So many changes, so much information, so much fabrication and so much unveiling.

I know many who are still stuck in the stories of 2016, both personal and communal. And, it’s hard NOT to be stuck, with so much to process…Religion, weather, politics, scandal, ET’s, Antarctica, leaks and lies, “fake news” and that pesky Russian Putin who is the cause of EVERYthing (not!) gave us plenty to consider and to reflect upon.

It’s perfectly understandable that if we have a deep attachment to something, it affects us greatly to have that something shattered or go unfulfilled…or, to be awakened to unknown truths and feel betrayed… to be forced to look at things that are ugly, and accept they are  real.

Whatever your story may be, and wherever it may affect you, I sympathize.

My year was filled with personal and “group consciousness” challenges, just like most folks. A lot of loss, a lot of grieving (just lost yet another dear friend this week to cancer).  A lot has been shaken up, and a lot will continue to be shaken up…but staying stuck in the story leads nowhere except back to page 1.

I’m ready to for a new story. Are you?

And, for one, I will be writing that story for myself, not allowing someone else to write/read it to me, or tell me what I need to be reading!

Getting “unstuck” and letting go


The Brit and I did a huge ceremony for ourselves and for the world on December 28-29 (new moon) to let go of what no longer serves us or humanity, and to bring in the abundance, the awareness of opportunity and the foresight and courage to write our own story. It was amazing, power-full, and we not only felt a distinct “shift”, we’ve been seeing that shift continue to unfold in many ways around us.

But..I must still be a little stuck on something, because I was reminded yesterday (when I accidentally wrote 2016 on something) that it’s now 2017 and in fact, a whole week of it has gone by.

Really?   Gee, and I still haven’t done any holiday shopping  ;- )

Holi- days are mine to decide

Like a lot of folks, I have long ago had my eyes opened to some pretty sour truths about what the holidays really are and how they came to be. I’ve gradually withdrawn from the religious mandated holidays, and  I no longer wish to support commercial holidays, so I instead prefer to share gifts and to celebrate on days that mean something to the individuals in my life: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, change of season, new business, etc.

All of that’s part of letting go of the “old” story.

I don’t have to follow anyone’s script but my own.

Ceasarian Year- Gregorian Year

I think it’s strange that we (in the west) still abide by the Julian/Gregorian Calendar. I know, I know, Ceasar was trying to fix the very poor Roman calendar which only contained 10 months and left out 60 some-odd days each year.  But, in going from a lunar calendar to a solar calendar, he moved the logical date of the new year from Spring (March) to January. He simply shoved the 61 missing days ahead of the Spring Equinox and came up with a new date, January 1.

What crazy day to start a year!  We are in the dead of winter, how can we start anything when we should be hibernating and resting, bringing our harvest (fall) to close by taking a reflective look back over the past 3 seasons?    Planting (spring), nuturing and growth (summer), and harvest (fall) should be followed by rest and reflection or planning (winter) right? Logical, useful, in tune.

Incidentally, the Julian Calendar wasn’t even that good. Eleven days out of time was an imperfection later adjusted by the Catholic Church under Pope Gregory mid 1400’s, but even that was actually abandoned during the Middle Ages. No one liked it.

Yes, that’s right, the poor peasants had to work WITH the earth and moon cycles in order to survive the dark ages, and January 1, well…you see the problem.

It took quite a while for Rome to convince everyone that this calendar was the way to go.

Only in the mid 1750’s did England adopt January 1 as New Year’s Day.

Solar cycle, Lunar cycle


As a result, we may have gained an understanding and accuracy of using a calendar in the solar cycle, but we have lost our rhythm with not only the seasons, but the moon. The pull and tug of the lunar energy affects us, just as it affects the watery tides of our oceans, but we hardly pay attention to or follow the rhythms of the moon as it makes it regular passage around us.

Too bad! It’s a lovely reflection our moon freely casts, always showing us where she is and how we can use her energy, a perfect 28 days (4 x 7) – the rhythm of life and fertility, constant and consistent, dependable and assuring.

Traditional ancient use of the moon energy says we can create something new on the new moon (dark moon), and then work on it for 2 weeks. When the full moon arrives, we use  her spotlight to see how we are doing, then revise and adjust our plan as we move toward a new moon, where we start again.

Moon cycles are beautiful, simple…and yet, all but forgotten in modern culture.

January 1 doesn’t work for me!

BBBBRRRRRRRR…’s cold, wet, icy here in Mississippi, and in no way to me feels like a time for starting  a whole new year!


Can’t get out the driveway this icy January day in Mississippi.

A March new year makes so much more sense to me,  with the arrival of fiery Aries, burning off the winter chill and bringing in the blossoms, bees, birds, new life and activity.

But, I agreed to come into this life to partake of these “interesting”  paradigms, and so choosing to look at things from a different perspective can to help me make January into a time of productive creativity, planning, launching and….yes, even new beginnings.

It’s all in how I write my story.

Moving forward and writing your own story in 2017

Kick off begins January 8 thru February 6, which is a time of forward motion in our solar system, per this wonderful information (found originally at

In it, Stephanie “Wave” Forest  of All Planets Direct Motion, explains that every planet in our solar system will be moving direct (no retrogrades or stationary) during this month long event.


Ancients saw this as a time of great opportunity and great fortune, and Stephanie does an excellent job explaining this timely event and how to use it to your advantage. I’m sure there is other information out there as well on this astrological happening.

As Above, So Below   images

2017 is going to be the year I explore and use astrology more for myself.  I’ve had times in the past where I ordered reports, visited astrologers, etc…and there are alot of good, traditional type astrologers out there, but for some reason this year calls to me to make an effort on actually WORKING with my personal astrology in a new way.(Emphasis on work, did you catch that? )

If indeed the secret to the universe lies in “as above, so below”, what better way to integrate it than astrologically?

Tools for Astrology 

Besides using the above  All Planets Direct Motion, here are a few other tools that I plan to use, and you may also find these (or others) helpful if you feel inclined to include  a different astrological awareness into you life for 2017:

1) As I often say,  one of my favorite places to access information about astrology presented a “different” way, is to read The Oracle Report each day. This isn’t your typical sun-sign daily astrology…it’s an extraordinary view for a new paradigm.

Laura Walker’s unique relationship with planet Eris and the Mahavidyas (the ten Wisdom Goddesses who are aspects of Gaia Sophia intended to interface with humanity, Laura was given the directive to bring their spiritual teachings to others) as well as her use of the Sabian symbols will give you a fantastic understanding of how the cosmos is working energetically.

If you feel stuck and need to work your shadow side, download and read her free e-books 1)The Black Moon: Guide to Healing the Shadow Side and 2)Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis, and Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar. 

I can recommend both books without reservation.

Yes there is a fee to join Oracle Report full view, but in my opinion worth it.

2) The Cosmic Template: A Shamanic Month Minder for the evolving SoulWritten by good friend Grace Walsh, this little book is a handy tool for anyone needing a boost toward forward motion. Feeling stuck? Buy this and follow it. Each month centers on different “spirit food for thought” and activities to help you view, shape and take an active role in your life from a earth based connection. I’ve already read it and plan to refer to it this year…as I apparently face some big challenges ahead!

2) The SkyLog Report-   I’m already in my Saturn return, and boy…is it ever plunging me into change. There are no coincidences, and so I immediately ordered this report after synchronistically “happening” upon it without thinking I was looking for an astrology report!  Its one of the most amazing documents I have every seen…mine was 69 pages long!…and I plan to study it and use this information as much as I can to prepare myself for the year ahead.

Steve Forrests’ astrology method includes so much information, I can hardly wrap my Crow-brain around it. So, if you don’t like details, then it isn’t for you. The report is divided into 3 sections: The Invitation describes developmental challenges and potentials; The Means covers the changing tactics and strategies appropriate during that time; and The Details offers a day-by-day analysis of the ever-shifting astrological weather.

Coming for Crow 2017

A reading with Laura Walker (see above) last year, coupled with a reading by local Psychic/Astrologer and friend, Lelon Thompson, and now confirmed yet again by this report all say the same thing for this little Crow:  Batten down the hatches, dearie, you are about to be blown to the four winds!

We crows typically stay out of the storms, preferring to tuck away and/or fly high above the angry clouds.  We know when to duck and cover. However, there will apparently be no refuge to be found for me this year…I will be tossed about unmercifully unless I pay close attention, prepare, and take charge. According to all I have been hearing and seeing and feeling,  2017 will be one of the most challenging of my life.

And so, the purpose for all this becomes clear:  ADAPT, FLOW AND LEARN SOME NEW CROW TRICKS!

Am I afraid? No way. I am not being punished, Im being honed!

Am I preparing?  You bet!

The Crow Flow

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 4.42.40 PM.png

Transformation, adaptation and flexibility are all part of my Pisces Sun/Cancer rising nature, so calling on those spontaneous, mutable and flowing water energies will be the way this Crow finds her path in the coming year.

I’m cutting lose some obligations and burdens, allowing new adventures and possibilities to present and letting myself receive, freeing my time for things I want and not just what is required or expected.

That means saying both NO and YES in new ways.

We’ll see what actually plays out,  but no matter what, I’m looking forward. I won’t be living by a script decided by the stars, but I will be using all the resources I can to remain in balance and to thrive under any condition, lesson or event that may present.

That includes practicing flying above the fray, and seeing things from a higher perspective, while also staying grounded.

I’m detaching from drama, but engaging dramatic growth.

I’m definitely using my own discernment, and definitely NOT letting ANYONE (read: government) else’s discernment tell me what I can or cannot read, think or talk about, see or not see, do or not do.

In essence, it all about BALANCE for me. (And maybe a little juggling, too.)


Fly high friends!

Have a great new year, on whatever day and time YOU decide it should begin!

After all, every day is a new year’s day, isn’t it?



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