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Love is where it’s at, baby!

b953dff413abdef2c5fb9ffcafbbc15cIn the world of numerology, today is a 1-1-1-1 day.

1/11/2017  = 1/11/10   or 1111

In this Crow’s world, the number 1, or more importantly 11, has ALWAYS been important. My life from the start had the number 11 all over it. I’ve had to learn more about 1,11 and the variations of that theme.

As a result, the Crow has her own meaning for 1’s:

1 = new beginning, being the best, the best outcome, and living for MY highest self first (rather than someone else’s)

As a Pisces Fish, I was VEEEEERRRRYYYYY emotional and empathic from day one in this life. I always felt others emotions and since I felt them, I also (wrongly) felt I had to do something about those emotions.

I was a classic “fixer”.  I made everything about me, because I took on the outside world, the outside emotions and the outside stories. I took them on as my responsibility.

Except that they weren’t.

And that was for me to learn about, and to let go of and to move on from.


Not that I don’t still have times where I fall prey to old habits..watery Crow has a hard time sometimes!

I wanna make the boo-boos all betta!

But, as they say, not my circus, not my monkeys!

So today, I keep my thoughts and energies and ceremonies toward bringing in the new, the best, FOR ME. I know that looking inside and tending my OWN soul will radiate outward. Any improvements and any energies or thoughts or feelings I have will indeed affect everything around me,  and that’s how I make a difference.

I don’t need to concern myself with the world!

I can’t control the world!

I can only control MY world.

And today is a day to act upon that!

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What does it mean?  Glynnis Mcants, also called “The Numbers Lady” posted this on George Noory’s Paranormal Date website:

Numerologist Glynis McCants explains the power of 11:11:

I keep hearing about the numbers 11:11 as being significant. I have asked several people about it and a friend referred me to you. Can you give me some information about 11:11, and how I can use it in my life?
Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Nancy, I must say that this this question comes up at least once a week and since we have now entered the New Year 2017, we could all use a little magic to start the year off right! I’m re-posting what I have said about 11:11 in the past to encourage everyone to use its mystical energy and ensure that they have a Phenomenal New Year! Here it is:

My favorite example of the recurring numbers is when people see 11:11 on the clock. When you see 11:11, it means that the universe has opened up to release whatever it is that you want.
I once read that the universe has one answer and that answer is “YES.” So, if you say, “I can do it. I can achieve the dream,” the answer is, “Yes. You can do it. You can achieve the dream.” But if you say, “I can’t do it, it will never happen,” then the answer is, “YES, you CAN’T do it and it will never happen.”
In the moment of 11:11, the universe is open to whatever it is that you want, so I will spend the whole minute saying things like: “I have financial security in my life; I bless the relationship that I’m in, and know that it will only get better.” You can say whatever it is that you want for that full minute, and it will have an impact on your life. I have many people write me and tell me what a difference it has made for them.


Did you catch that?  When you see 11:11, it means that the universe has opened up to release whatever it is that you want.

Sounds great, yes? And it IS… IF… you can remember to keep what you WANT in your mind, and not what you DON’T want.

“I welcome a prosperous new year with lots of love and good health!” can work.

“I want not to be poor and sick anymore! I want to stop being alone!”…guaranteed not to work.

Can you keep your thoughts on what you desire and see those things already happening? And more importantly, can you FEEL that you have those things and FEEL gratitude for them?

That’s where we need to be, folks. Monitor your thinking, be self-aware.

You have a say about what you let into your mind. Every moment you are choosing how you think. You are responsible for your own discernment.


Yes, you are.


Doreen Virtue, the Angel lady, says it even more clearly here:

“If you continually see the numbers 11, 111, or 1111, there’s a reason. The most common way that angels communicate with humans is through the universal languages of numbers and music.

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to establish that numbers hold vibrational properties.  He taught that the entire universe is mathematically precise.

When you see repetitive number sequences, this is a message from your guardian angels. You can ask your angels what they are trying to tell you, and if you listen in stillness, you will hear their answers clearly. Sometimes, though, if you’re stressed or in a hurry, it’s not as easy to hear your angels.”

So, Angel Numbers are a shorthand code between you and your angels. In the case of 1’s, they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1s you see, the stronger the path is.

In practical terms, this means that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they are manifesting instantly into form. You think it, and boom! It happens. When these cycles occur, it’s extra important to keep your thoughts focused upon your desires, and to stay positive. Otherwise, your fears may manifest instantly. You can ask Heaven to uplift you, so that your thoughts are focused upon the highest possibilities.

1, 11, 111, and 1111 in Angel Numbers all mean: “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”


I know it may seem impossible with all that’s going on at this time in our world. But that’s precisely why you MUST make good choices.

In truth, YOU are not going crazy, no matter you may be feeling, because YOU are here reading this, and so somewhere in you life you have done some heavy spiritual and emotional work on yourself. YOU know how to clear your energy and YOU have the ability become self-aware.YOU know how to shield you energy and to allow love to be your guiding force, and YOU are able and CAN CHOOSE to go with the flow and let the storm move on.


Check out James Gilliand of ECETI Ranch (where all those cool UFO things happen!) has to say about the energies next  7 days:

Getting Real

I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics. We are also going to have to do our own research and develop our own inner sensitivity or what some bluntly refer to as BS meter. Our last administration did bring transparency. What was transparent is the corruption and double talk; which has been epidemic. The BS meter was and still is in the red. Humanity is waking up and what the controllers did not count on is the soul awakening and the Internet both of which are instrumental in their demise. The Fake news or lame stream media owned by the corporations; just several men gave rise to alternative media because of its failure to tell the truth. The double speak is to accuse the alternative media of being the fake news. Almost everything coming out of the past administration was double talk. All the accusations of others defined exactly what they have been and are now doing.

The sad thing is a large portion of the masses is gullible and be lie ve in the propaganda delivered daily by the lame stream media. They are being led like lemmings to participate in their own enslavement and eventual demise. They are rioting and marching to a tune played by the very people whose behavior they detest but cannot accept. Its like a bad marriage where one mate refuses to accept the obvious. It is getting so ugly denial is not an option.

The ascension waves are bringing all of this up for everyone to see. We are still in the middle of one of these waves it ends on the 11th. The good news if you are on the path to enlightenment another wave begins on the 11th and lasts for 7 days. The peak of this wave is right around the 14th; which many are screaming it is the end of the world. The world did not end with the last waves nor will it end with this one. There is a planetary alignment where all the planets are participating. If you understand the electric universe this will explain the incoming energies yet what many are not aware of is the higher dimensional beings take advantage of these planetary alignments.

This new wave is coming in from the 6th dimension. Light and energy is conscious. This wave will carry with it Universal law, Healing energy and a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness. Love heals and the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love. It is a formidable force and to try to stand against it will traumatize those who wish to continue with the tyranny and enslavement. As if they are not already going insane as demonstrated by their actions.

This is what is being acted out in your political arena and social consciousness. Their consciousness and energy grid is collapsing. Their unseen overlords are being removed and they are like gangsters without a boss. They are also fighting among themselves for power and wealth completely unaware that the rug is being pulled out from underneath them. They cannot and will not function with the increase of consciousness and energy. They are not frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process. As the prophecies foretold the beast is consuming itself. You will see the beast come forward in the elite families, the banksters, the politicians, the movie industry, religious institutions almost every disempowering organization designed to enslave the masses.

Fasten your seatbelt because this ride is going to get crazy. Your bodies are going to go through all kinds of challenges. Your past is going to come forward, with some it is feelings of sadness others anger. Many will be processing at night with vivid dreams of past events. Some may get a peak into the future. It might be a rollercoaster of illness followed by feeling great, sadness followed by bliss. The prophecy I can give you with 100% accuracy is there is going to be a lot of change.

Be well,

James Gilliland

You have my permission to send this far and wide.

Did you catch that?  LOVE is where it’s at, baby!

Send some love to yourself, and watch it radiate out.

Then catch a wave, relax and let go of the drama. Just say “NO” to the mind chatter of the outer story, and go within where love reigns supreme and enjoy the buzz.

You have a choice. CHOOSE WISELY!


Well, can ya?    CAW!




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