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Trump in Mississippi Saturday

I awoke this morning to see that President Trump has accepted the invitation of our governor Phil Bryant to attend the grand opening of two important museums that have been in the building for at least 4 years, and are long overdo: The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi Museum of History.

As readers of Crowcaws know, I live in Mississippi and have for my entire 58 years of life.  This blog is about my personal views of life, my purpose, what I have learned, as well as what I can report energetically about my beloved state.

I’m going to be posting a few informational pieces related to the Trump visit, because he’ll be on MY turf this weekend: right downtown, one block from the Mississippi volcano where I go often to do healing energetic work.

Why is this important?  Because I am a guardian of this space.  I have agreed to visit and protect the sacred places in my state as often as I can, to clear low energy, to open sacred space and to hold center as changes occur.

It’s part of my sacred purpose. Part of my existence.

Just so you know: My world has no attachment to any political right-left-middle, as I have long ago released the story that has been placed here to deceive me and keep me from seeing the REAL manipulators.  I am no longer fooled by sleight of hand tricks that seek to keep me bound in a push-pull, yes-no, Democrat-Republican, Christian-Muslim, Ole Miss-State or any other yo-yo paradigm.

I am not going to be promoting one side vs. another as I report or inform.

What I will do is relate my feelings concerning this particular Trump visit, while  sharing information about Saturday’s event, as well as some real time energy updates and ceremonies for healing.

I plan to do a protective ceremony and clearing on the site before Saturday.  I hope you will join me in holding center energetically, or by saying a prayer for our state and our event, that energy remains balanced and free from Archonic or Chimeric influence.

Why is this needed? Because like much of this world, people here are upset when “things” are shaken close to home.  “Things” in my state are now not just close to home, they ARE home.

Many people here are fearful of what may be stirred up Saturday, which makes for plenty of LOOSH (as David Wilcock has explained). It’s amazing to hear different versions of what this all about, why its happening, who is at fault, etc.  Many of my friends are on both political sides.  I have never heard so many different stories and opinions that are all heartfelt, all personal truths …and every opinion  seems to relate to each person’s personal “now” energy and mental awareness.

Some people are bound and determined that this is orchestrated to  create “civil war” in a place that has lost so many sons and daughters to past civil wars: The War Between the States, and the Civil Rights war.

Some people are so happy that this will be chance to see their chosen leader and champion.

Some are sure Soros squads will be sent to stir the sparks into a blaze.

Some feel that it’s much-ado about nothing.

I have no judgements on these perceptions, by the way. I offer no “good” or “bad” view of interpreting these stories. In fact, to me, they are all relevant in the acting out of the grand play, the ultimate story of human existence: light vs dark, the magnificent and timeless illusion of our world.

Everyone’s story is to be heard. In fact, until EVERYONE’S story is heard fully and completely to EVERYONE’S satisfaction, EVERYONE’S story will continue.

I honor everyone’s story, but I do not allow another’s story to interfere with my own. That is my right, that is my decision and that is my free choice.

No, I will not be sending out any fear or anger or feeling offended.  I won’t sent those things into the Loosh Stream. I will instead say, “I don’t consent!” to any behaviors (from anyone) that pull our beautiful Mississippi downward, creating more “hucha”.

Mississippi is on the rise, friends, and who knows? This may be the perfect storm to send us spiraling upward.

We cannot know the future of this event, but we can set our intention and make conscious thought toward healing, balance, safety, joy, understanding and forgiveness.

That is MY intention. That is my action.

Stay tuned, more to follow.










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