5th stop…Boston, Part one

Leaving Long Island, I was ready to have a break from the ceremonial clearing and healing work. Working on Montauk and the Brookhaven Lab left me feeling a bit drained and more than a bit “icky” ~  I haven’t done so many ceremonies in a row in quite some time.

A rest was in order. And I love Boston…Ive always felt at home here. And why not? I mean really, this is the place of revolutionists, the place of the Boston Tea Party, the place where our country was born. People stood up against huge odds to claim their sovereign divine rights and to live free. My peeps!

And more importantly…it’s the place of Sam Adams Brewery!(my fav American beer)

And so, we left the south fork of LI where Camp Hero is, not sure exactly how we should get to Boston. we certainly did not want to face the traffic back down the island…we ultimately decided to come round to the north fork, where a fantastic automobile ferry awaited us in the town of Orient.

Map LI

Wow…didnt realize we actually passed Plum Island, another place of alleged “weird” government stuff.


This was so awesome! I absolutely love that we still use waterways to get ourselves around, and I wish there was more of it in our country.


Loading up! So cool!


We boarded the Cross Sound Ferry and landed at New London, CT about 1.5 hours later.   It was GREAT! No driving, beautiful water, sky….very healing, very cleansing. Just what was needed and of course, it was the perfect path prescribed by…(?) whatever it is that tells me to do these things 😉 Certainly a better route than driving west off the island.


View from Cross Sound Ferry as we head out to the sound.


Loving this!

This was yet another amazing day, and being on the water refreshed and revived the Brit and me. We just loved it!

And, I was surprised (NOT!) at what greeted us in New London…..


New London beacon welcomes and connects the Crow energies..Caw!

You can’t make this stuff up!

The drive to Boston area was long. Lots of tolls…lots of tolls….lots of tolls……did I say lots of tolls? And traffic was what you would expect, many time crawling along at a snails pace. A very hard thing for this Crow to endure!

But, we survived and landed in fabulous Hull, MA for a much looked-forward-to  4 day visit with my great friend and spirit sister, Grace, and her husband Bill. Hull is a fantastic place, especially in the summer.


GP and I catch up and enjoy our Sam Adams “Brick Red” looking over the Hull harbor.


Grace and I have a long history: we met years ago, each expanding our professional healing path/studies in Mississippi, when we both trained with the amazing Jim Ewing and his then wife, Annette Wells.

Since then, we have had so many adventures and experiences that I would not even begin to try and share some of them here; but suffice to say, when you go through years of life-changing events with other human being, you get deeply “connected”.

When I first planned the trip, and discussed with the Brit our schedule, he asked me “What ceremony to you have to do in Boston?” and I replied, “None! we are just going to visit and have a rest”.

Days later, he asked me again “so what have do you have to do in Boston?” and again I replied, “Nothing, love, I told you-just a rest and a visit”.

And, I that’s what I thought…until Grace enlightened me about the BOSTON OBLEISK!

I’ll say it again…you can make this stuff up!  

The Boston Obelisk is a commemorative marker for the battle of Bunker Hill, where the brave patriots fought the British in 1775. It was designed by a group that included Daniel Webster and Dr Joseph Warren (Warren Tavern is the one of the oldest and best taverns in all of America!)

Grace grew up in Charlestown (this area of Boston) so this is her stomping grounds….and while I had been to the Warren Tavern more than few times when visiting, I had no recollection of ever noticing the obelisk!

I realized that the Brit had “unknowingly” been prompted (via spirit)to get me to do something ceremonial in Boston, and the obelisk (of course) was the place to do it.

Upon this revelation, Grace and I agreed to do a ceremony together. We did not know exactly what it would entail or how it would unfold, but instead, let spirit tell us spontaneously when and how and what to do.

And I have found, that is the very best way to do it. 

Boston: Events Unfold

After a couple days rest, we left Hull, again getting a ferry ride~this time across the harbor to the heart of Boston. Another glorious day awaited us!


The Brit and I make nice and heal the past as we enter Boston Harbor, site of the infamous Tea Party. All is forgiven, love!


What a great way to travel to and from work! Just leave Hull and board the ferry, take a nice ride for 20 minutes, get off and walk to your office, leave work, take the ferry back and enjoy a beer with other travelers, then you’re home. Fantastic!

The amazing day was totally unplanned, with the exception of getting to the obelisk at some point, and of course, visiting the Warren Tavern for a “Brick Red “refreshment.

We stepped off the boat and immediately, encountered  a strange “doorway”…


“I can take you anywhere you want to go…for $5”

HA! we decided to call it the “middle world” doorway, and shortly after we paid our respects at this “portal” we met a guy handing out bracelets and spreading “peace “.  We gladly accepted and then got hit up for our $5 donation to the Buddhist  Temple in NYC.  Gotta love it!

Nevertheless, that doorway set the tone, and once we entered it, we let the pathway unfold.

We encountered lots of amazing “messages” for healing the Boston area any obsolete rifts of country against country, man again man, belief against belief.


America and Britain as one, Fanueil Hall behind. Beautiful!


I think the Brit and I manifest this flag into existence. Having him here was definitely important to the healing of the “old” paradigm of war as a means to ensure liberty and freedom. No more!

We visited several sites, adding healing and blessings along the way….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

but the ceremony for the Boston Obelisk awaited.


That ends part one, part two coming….

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