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Oracle Report 3.22.16 This report is especially helpful considering the previous post about Brussells bombings. As Laura cautions, we can expect tantrums to play out, so be ready to see this on the global stage. Remember, you have eyes to see what’s really happening, so allow all things to move, to settle as they will. Detach from … Continue reading

Breaking:Bombs in Brussells

RT reporting Brussells airport explosions. Let’s see what develops and how it’s presented, played out.Use Discernment.

Montage Keen 3.21.16

Monty keeps sharing news from the other side, and this post incorporates more great info about true Irish history from Gerard Banks. Love the actual version of St. Patrick. It will be great to finally get the real story of humanity’s past when the Event comes round. Monague Keen 3.21.16  

Hawaii’s “House of Everlasting Fire”

Kauilapele‘s post about the Halem’auma’u crater.  This Crow looooooooves Hawaii. I was lucky enough to have family there for 16 years, and so I have visited and stayed long periods often. (Hey, someone’s gotta do it, you know?) I miss swimming at Ulua Beach on Maui and having the same 3- finned turtle (honu) come … Continue reading

Oracle Report 3.21.16

Another great one from Laura. I’m posting the entire article, since so much info it sings out: Astrologically, this week is intense, which means that life gets intense.  You will want to make sure to check back for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s reports, as these days will be complex due to the number and nature of the … Continue reading

Late Score for the good guys

OK, it’s been back and forth with the wins today. I’m stoping here and ending on a good note. (Like maybe a B-flat) Partial post, but very important. click the link to go to NN and read the rest. Scientist who linked GMOs and glyphosate to rat tumors wins SECOND court case against criminal biotech … Continue reading

Natural News:

Give me a break.   Sigh.  I just sometimes so feel that we live  in a loony bin! I’m with Mike on this: If we do not stop this FDA, we are all doomed to living under a totalitarian regulatory regime that will systematically criminalize every healing molecule found in nature, from the curcuminoids in turmeric root … Continue reading

Another Blow to the DARK Act

Hey, first the Vermont punch(yesterdays’ post) and now the right hook. I’m ready for the Knock-Out punch, but we may be a bit away from that yet. But for this moment, Im cheering! Natural News Monsanto suffers week of devastating defeats as lawmakers back away from biotech influence and intimidation Sunday, March 20, 2016 by: … Continue reading

2 New VT’s Worth a look

Two Veteran’s Today posts caught my eye today.  VT always has a   wealth of great articles, always interesting, always controversial and eye-opeing. 1) Kevin Barrett’s post is fairly short a “venting”, very humorous and I so totally related to it. 2) Gordon Duff’s  is a set of stories and spotlight reports, with tons of info … Continue reading

White Hats Comments on RV for 2016

The re evaluation of currency, the monetary “reset”, aka the RV…there have always been rumors concerning the when and how. Decades of rumors. We all await the coming RV, and yes it will happen, buy the rumors lately seem to have been regurgitated from a couple of years ago. I hope the same as everyone … Continue reading

New David Icke Interviews March 2016

There’s no one like David Icke. Here’s two new interviews to challenge and pique your crow brains:  

AK update on Heather Ann Tucci- Jarrif

American Kabuki has a new post with gut twisting video of HAT-J being arrested and removed from her home in foreclosure. I have a strong stomach, but this gave me such a bad feeling to watch. Bless her and her family! I know it’s long past, but the energy remains. The courage of Heather and … Continue reading

New Cobra Interview

As always, Cobra fascinates and educates. This is a new interviewer, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m putting the links here,  you can go either place to get it.  Also, Cobra has announced new conferences, the next is in Switzerland in April. It’s too far to fly this time, but one day soon Crow and … Continue reading

Oracle Report 3.20.16

Laura’s weekend report has much to offer. I suggest going to her site and reading the free articles and books, listening to the free audios, and get educated on her unique viewpoint of Sabian Symbols and Black moon movements, and the mahavidyas. You won’t find another sky reader anywhere like Laura! I recomend highly her … Continue reading

Poof/Zap update 3/20/2016

Here’s the latest on the state of money according to Zap. Use your good Crow discernment, take only what sets right. I know a lot of you follow these posts, so I share them, but personally I find it increasingly difficult to wade though the political bias and requests for money. Somewhere in there is … Continue reading

Mighty Vermont, we thank you.

Caw! Sunday March 20, 2016 the Boston Herald ran this headline : “Vermont Brings Food Industry To Its Knees with GMO Labeling“   Yes, you read that right.VERMONT. You remember Vermont, it’s that itty-bitty state waaaaaaaay up north cranking out the maple syrup, home of Ben and Jerry’s. When I think of Vermont, I always think of … Continue reading


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