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AK update on Heather Ann Tucci- Jarrif

American Kabuki has a new post with gut twisting video of HAT-J being arrested and removed from her home in foreclosure. I have a strong stomach, but this gave me such a bad feeling to watch. Bless her and her family! I know it’s long past, but the energy remains.

The courage of Heather and those like her is more than I can imagine, and it takes this, and all the whistleblowers, and the Lavoy Finnicums of the world, spin g what they do and putting their lives on TheLine before things can change. The energies move, are restructured and redistributed. I’m sending along my own good medince to help protect and heal what took place, for all humans and the Earth.

Be sure to visit the links at AKs site to remind yourself about THE ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST: UCC and FORECLOSURE FILINGS WORLDWIDE, and the Paradigm Report, both found in red at the bottom of the page here

P.s. If you have the inclination, you may want to pay forward your thanks to AK, he’s back on USA soil for a time. Buy this light worker a virtual coffee or two by donating at his site.



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