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Young Gun Jordan Sather: Bring Your Truth!

Just discovered this alt news young gun truth-seeker by the name of Jordan Sather. Holy cow…who IS this kid? I discovered his videos recently at Stillness in the Storm, and that led me to his YouTube channel. My opinion- he’s got something going on, and I’m hearing alot of things that are resonating as truth, … Continue reading

Breaking:Bombs in Brussells

RT reporting Brussells airport explosions. Let’s see what develops and how it’s presented, played out.Use Discernment.

2 New VT’s Worth a look

Two Veteran’s Today posts caught my eye today.  VT always has a   wealth of great articles, always interesting, always controversial and eye-opeing. 1) Kevin Barrett’s post is fairly short a “venting”, very humorous and I so totally related to it. 2) Gordon Duff’s  is a set of stories and spotlight reports, with tons of info … Continue reading


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