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2 New VT’s Worth a look

Two Veteran’s Today posts caught my eye today.  VT always has a   wealth of great articles, always interesting, always controversial and eye-opeing.

1) Kevin Barrett’s post is fairly short a “venting”, very humorous and I so totally related to it.

2) Gordon Duff’s  is a set of stories and spotlight reports, with tons of info (highlights include: more info on Scalia, all about the Keshe witch-hunt, and a couple of true stories about Jesuit whistleblowers and theory of the “elite” mindset)

I found it was spot on and with just the right amount of “Duffiness”. I don’t doubt his sources a bit.

Just a dollop of each, then hit the link and go there for yourself:



1> Debating a reptilian on international TV

Does anyone in this galaxy still believe the premasticated pap purveyed by my Debate opponent?

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

When I got home from the studio, my wife said: “That guy you debated – he doesn’t look human! He looks like a reptile! Did you see that narrow little mouth?”

I told her no, I can’t see the people I argue with on Press TV’s The Debate show.

My wife insisted that my opponent, Frederick Peterson, not only spewed a lot of unearthly nonsense, but looked suspiciously like one of those extraterrestrial space lizards that David Icke talks about.

I hate to admit it, but she has a point … though it isn’t Peterson’s looks that worry me.

While listening to Peterson emitting empty little noises of mealymouthed gibberish during our debate, I did have to occasionally wonder what planet he hails from. He certainly doesn’t seem to have a clue about what’s really going on here on Earth.

Or if he does, he’s lying like a psychopathic space lizard.

So which is it? Does Peterson really believe all that warm and fuzzy nonsense? Or is he a reptilian propagandist weaving a matrix of lies to deceive unwary earthlings?

More Here


2>  Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen

A reluctant delve into the world beyond the looking glass…


…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Are there worldwide cults whose membership includes the world’s political and religious leaders abusing and murdering children? Are social organizations, think tanks, news agencies, watchdogs and whistleblowers often as not fully complicit underlings of these secret societies that have, working in concert, managed to create a generalized feeling of hopelessness and fear over continent after continent? 

Whatever we list first as endangering our survival, planets crashing into us, nuclear war, disease, “mars-ification” due to climate failure, inexplicable human behavior, clearly a global phenomenon, is the center of our focus.

We are forced to either accept that there are people so inhuman in nature, capable of abhorrent behavior not only individually but within subcultural communities, everything from terror organizations to business cabals and even national governments.



Above and beyond it all, we assert, are secret societies which share, almost invariably, an esoteric underbelly of quasi-religious adherence to angels, demons, early gods or anthropomorphised household objects.

These organizations, call them degenerate subcultures if you will, though under many guises, now appear to be one. There are no innocent little groups of the rich and shameless, wearing their goat headdresses, dancing around the fire before the baby is eaten or the cross spat upon or before the summoning.


more Ciblo masks

To survive, to defend ourselves, we have to finally admit that these cults are real, that they have risen to preeminence in the world — they are our judges, our bankers, our presidents, they run our think tanks, they control our nuclear arsenals — they decide what we learn, what we see, what we hear and what we believe.

If you look at the world around you and don’t recognize it as the work of the human soul, consider looking for a durable explanation that matches observed phenomenon.



It has become increasingly apparent that current patterns of denialism, the universal need to simply look away, are suicidal for all of us. In order to make this thing I am writing relevant to people of different levels of acceptance, of experience and even of susceptibility, we are going to use some care in how things are expressed.

For some, this information will be commonplace. I have been told, and there are those who can tell and not ask, to severely limit what is written and published. Consider this, in itself, a disclosure, that implied authority exists.

Bohemian Grove 1915

Whether one trusts or believes such an authority, real or imagined, and all such things one does not see have to be continually examined and weighed, is something for personal judgment. All you can do is follow your “gut.” There is no other reliable guide.

We are going on a bit of a ride, touching on issues of the supernatural, of “non ordinary reality” and physics that they don’t teach in kindergarten. We are only opening a door, in a way telling others who have been silent how far they can go. There is no way I would be going here if I had a choice. More Here


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