About this Crow

Hey there, Crow here. I’m just a regular person who wants to share what I know, do healing work,help the world, wake up a few sleeping sheep and help unveil the truth. DISCLOSURE is the word, and I mean the full-Monty. Full faced-frontal, no more gently breaking it to us, just rip that freaking bandage off, and do it NOW! Bring it on, it’s time we know it all -it’s our right,  and we DEMAND it.

I’m working on this site as I can, it is NOT complete or up to date at all times. Subscribe if you want to know when a new post is made.

I’ve kind of always been awake to the fact that things aren’t what they seem, but about 15-17 years ago I really had a trigger event that made me know for sure we are all being lied to about almost everything.

I think you know that, too, or you wouldn’t be here.

If you’re coming across this info for the first time, be sure to breathe, rest and allow it to process. The truth isn’t something for the weak.

This blog has information about: disclosure, alternative health and healing, UFO’s and secret space programs, the EVENT, off-world happenings, high strangeness, the Cabal (PTB,Illuminati, etc) Revaluation of currency, Reset, truth in history, ancient teachings and a whole lot of other stuff.

NOTE:Posting information doesn’t mean I necessarily “buy” it. I think there is value in expanding the mind and engaging in the POSSIBILITES of things that sit outside of your comfort zone. I offer information as it comes if I feel it can offer someone, somewhere a tidbit of something that helps put the puzzle together.

There’s a word I’ll use here…discernment…for me it means: the weight and value one gives to a certain idea or belief.

Please use your OWN discernment.

I (being a skeptical Crow-type) can enjoy imagining something being true, even if it isn’t. I can enjoy imagining it’s not true, even if it is. I don’t mind living in a world of unseen, “unproven” ideas and working them into my existence for a time.  I like to try on different things, see how they fit. I discern for myself what works and what doesn’t, whats mine to take up and what’s not. I take what I need and leave the rest.

And so should you.

I won’t be engaging in comments here, because….let’s see, how do I say this nicely?…While I am very happy you’re here, and truly hope you find some things that you can enjoy and use…  I don’t need you to agree, or to show me the error of my ways.   I haven’t time right now to engage comments anyway, so won’t be trying.

Besides, it’s nice to sometimes read about things from a different viewpoint…who was it that said, ” I never learned anything from someone I agree with” ?

Wise, words indeed.

Here at Crowcaws, I’m exercising my human (and Crow) right to free speech, and this is a place for me to share, blow off steam, think out side the box, dream, create and live in the NOW energy.

If you enjoy it and get something out of it, all the better! Happy for it!

I’m off to fly now, so make your self at home. CAW!


Standing atop Hadrian’s Wall, UK. 




2 thoughts on “About this Crow

  1. Hey Crow! Bird of a feather, glad to have found you! Tyvm, KP! I dabbled at blogging on crowmagic.com (where I was Cackling Crow) for a while but weeks and sometimes months inserted themselves between posts as I worked 2 jobs and put 30,000 miles on my car one year since moving an hour away from children and primary job after divorce. Then my host pulled the plug suddenly on the site unless I anted up about triple price, so I said piss on it and walked. Lucky for me I stashed most of my songs/poems over on demetrius13@wordpress.com ( nom de plume Demetrius Blather, inspired by the immortal Ignatius J. Reilly of A Confederacy of Dunces). Here’s one you might like: https://demetrius13.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/905/.

    My fascination with birds goes back to about age 5, and the crow has for any years held a special place in my heart. Who amongst the avians has more joy than the irreverent crow???


    Posted by demetrius13 | September 10, 2016, 9:23 am

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Welcome. This is my site to share info, education, insights, discoveries, personal thoughts and anything else I'm caw-ed to post. I'm glad you are here!

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