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Crow and Bear: Clearing and Balancing Energy (with Update)

UPDATE:  Balancing the Virgo Full moon energy with today’s Pisces Sun took place this evening right before midnight. The moon photo is added below   3.12.17: We’ve been at it AAAALLLLL Day and so much took place.  Very tired, but will share this one photo which sums up today’s events:     No filters, no … Continue reading


It’s time for a mission, so I’ll be off doing some spiritual traveling this week. My good friend Grace (Bear spirit) at, is here from Boston because we were “called” to take care of some energetic/spiritual business, including clearing some energies of particular places, and visiting some important grid sites. The Bear is a … Continue reading

David Wilcock Videos

Well, this is just astonishing. If you haven’t already seen it, you really have to watch this and listen carefully,  because the part about Antarctica is full of information about disclosure. It’s long, and it’s great. (A synopsis is here in earlier post.) I believe we will get FULL DISCLOSURE from what David implies. And, … Continue reading

Full Moon in Virgo:March 12, 2017/Looking Ahead

Loved this report from Darkstar Astrology!    Looking ahead to this very important event this weekend, March 12 (that’s a 3-3 day) and the evolution/revolution and consequent healing that is in store. Oh boy, there is ALOT coming our way. The video is especially good and very easy to understand. 3.3 meanings: Pythagoras taught that … Continue reading

Whats Happening with North Korea? Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett Talk

Yea, so this North Korea thing has me squirming a tiny bit. Something stirring in the Crow-senses…got me feeling a little alert. Love  both these guys and can’t say enough good about what they are both doing. I especially resonate with James Corbett and find his commentary always enlightening.   James Corbett site Luke Rudkowski … Continue reading

New Cobra Interview via Russian Prepare for Change

Great interview found  here, with lots of new information from spokesman for the Resitance, Cobra. There is another interview on his website (from Golfish report, I think….)but I found it so hard to hear and understand.  THIS ONE is clearly stated, both question and answer. Highlights: information about Russia and it’s origins Kruschv made the deal with … Continue reading


I started this blog almost a year ago, for myself mostly. There were things I felt were important to share, and important to document, both in my world and the world at large. You have probably noticed: I don’t do social media such as Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have anything to add other than … Continue reading

FBI Anon Shares More

SO the DHS insider tells that the FBI insider will have info…. I’m having trouble with all these insiders. I think they need to use catchy handles like Deep Throat. But that’s just me. If this is a real insider, his info certainly does give us some reasons to take pause. I do believe eventually … Continue reading

David Wilcock Intel from Conscious Life Expo/Prepare to Have Mind Blown

As if there isn’t enough already to read about today, I just have to share a couple more things that are worthy to know about. I can’t even comment on this one because there is just SO much information here…and it’s Part Two, so if you need even more or missed it, you’ll have to … Continue reading

Doobie-Doobie Doooo…

So if all the Vault 7 and Wiki Leaks and Zero Year and other disclosure leaks are making you say “WTF?”,   you may be wanting to have yourself a little something to take the edge off. Me?….Give me a cold beer, and I mean goooooood beer not this weak watery stuff that looks like … Continue reading 3-7-17… “UN experts denounce ‘myth’ pesticides are necessary to feed the world”

This to Kauilapele for this report post about pesticides. Every avenue of truth is opening for is to travel upon…if we only will take the drive and look around.

Truth Train 1.1: From -What’s in Vault 7? Photos and Clues

Lots of info here about the first installment of Vault 7, background, theories and the infamous hidden photo. Take what you need, leave the rest. Lots of intrigue and questions being brought up More soon.   News Get Heavy’s Top 5 News Stories Every Day What Is WikiLeaks’ Vault 7? Photos & Clues Published … Continue reading

Truth Train Arriving: Vault 7- Part One Revealed

From Wikileaks, posted this morning comes part 1 of the contents of Vault 7. In addition I am posting the recent Jordan Sather and David Seaman commentaries. As always stay grounded and centered in your OWN good energy, use your OWN good judgements and discernment. It’s all going along as it should, and each of … Continue reading

Vault 7 Opening

Jordan Sather reports Wikileaks info concerning Vault 7 Warning: intro music LOUD! Tac

March 6 Oracle Guidance

I drew a card today for anyone who many need some extra encouragement or guidance. The card is from Doreen Virture’s “Messages from the Angels”. Doreen is the queen of angel oracle cards, and her website always has a daily message. Her  message today is SO very relevant in light of all we are learning, … Continue reading

Sibel Edmonds Comments on Podesta/Washington Blackmail

This video commentary found at Newsbud is a few months old, but still relevant. I featured Sibel in this earlier post, and since then I’ve had a few emails asking if she had commented on the Pizzagate scandal. Here’s what I found at Newsbud under “Spotlight with Sibel and Spiro”. The corruption brought to light … Continue reading


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