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Full Moon in Virgo:March 12, 2017/Looking Ahead

Loved this report from Darkstar Astrology!    Looking ahead to this very important event this weekend, March 12 (that’s a 3-3 day) and the evolution/revolution and consequent healing that is in store.

Oh boy, there is ALOT coming our way.

The video is especially good and very easy to understand.

3.3 meanings:

Pythagoras taught that 3 was a nobel number because it is the only number which is the sum of all of the numbers below it. It therefore is the symbol for “As above, so below,” which is symbolized by the 3-sided pyramid or triangle.

Other meanings 33:

Note by Crowcaws: ( Be looking for”3″ and the use of the full moon in Virgo, the virgin, to be used by the Cabal in their schemes. OPEN EYES AND EARS. If something strange happens this weekend, you will know its been created to distract.)


Full Moon 12 March 2017 ~ Healing Chalice


The Full Moon March 12 2017 falls in Virgo Decan 3 This is quite a difficult placement for the moon, some commentators say that is because the moon is very fragile in Virgo 3 and prone to illness. My theory is that any malady will be due to auto-immune problems which are always due to not setting clear boundaries in relationships.

Full Moon on March 12 2017 at 22º Virgo Decan 3. Aspects: Quincunx Uranus/Eris. Fixed star: Alkes in the base of Crater The Cup

This Virgo Full Moon is the archetypical nurse and makes an amazing healer. Those touched by this moon need to look after themselves first! If you don’t they will burn out in their caring roles very quickly if they neglect themselves.

The dark side of this position is the amount of resentment that may come out of this Full Moon when its charity and dutiful nurturing is not reciprocated. Patients may not have asked for the ‘medicine’ at all, and in frustration is apt to throw it all back in the Virgo full Moon’s face. At this time we could even (albeit unconsciously) get loved ones ‘hooked’ onto our support. The worst way we can do this is through using actual drugs (Even sugary foods and plying someone with wine count.)

There are two extremes here then, the self-sacrificial martyr and the ‘drug’-pusher. Those touched by the March Full Moon must be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole of addiction themselves in trying to rescue an addict. On the positive side supporting a good cause at this Virgo Full Moon can keep one on the straight and narrow. Nervous energy generated at this time needs channeling into something, even simple housework. A good time for a spring clean!

Full Moon March 2017 Aspects

Moon quincunx Uranus breeds a range of crazed lunatics, unconventional rebels and  quiet outsiders. At this Full Moon there is a pathological need to shock and outrage. However being in Virgo there is also shyness and feeling uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behaviour brings. Those touched by this Full Moon could be branded as attention seekers, when all they are doing is being themselves.

This Full Moon could bring to the surface a shock suffered in childhood at a very vulnerable stage in our development. This could leave us all feeling rather unhinged! This Full Moon is exciting, electric and quite chaotic unless more stabilising factors
come into play. Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, so emotions change in a flash.

Fixed Star Alkes

Uranus stands for the truth and revelation, so it could happen that some people will risk exile by speaking truth that the populous find hard to accept. Full Moon March 2017This Uranian full moon can make us not feel truly at home in the present because we are so far ahead of time in our thinking.

Alkes is found in Constellation Crater and is said to be the cup Apollo gave to Corvus the raven. “It gives a kind, generous, cheerful, receptive, passionate and hospitable nature” All commentators agree it gives great mental abilities and eminence but also brings volatility and unexpected dramas.

Others say it brings “apprehension and indecision…a disordered life…and great danger of unhappiness” Alkes can be a gift though, something precious carried by an individual to pass down the generations of the family, like artistic, musical or psychic ability. Alkes’ talent is usually of a Neptunian nature. The creativity may come as a result of having to adapt and cope with a very unsettled childhood.

The Rack Is Back!

The March full moon makes what I like to call ‘The Rack’. It comprises of two oppositions incased by semi-sextiles. The Rack was an English medieval instrument of torture that stretched the poor victim’s body by as much as a couple of inches. In terms of astrology the Rack would symbolise an event that speeds up soul evolution in that it stretches you to the very limits of your tolerance. Painful at the time, but afterwards you are thankful that you can now metaphorically reach higher than you ever could! It’s also like when a chiropractor does that awful neck move that releases blockages in the vertebra.

Full Moon March 2017The Huber’s have another milder name for this aspect pattern. They call it ‘The irritation triangle’ Their interpretation does seem to fit with my interpretation of ‘The Rack’ as being a means to extract information. The Huber say those who are born with this pattern: “ He is aware of the power of truth and handles the information carefully and is interested in open and straightforward debate. Secrecy irritates him and hates it if information is not passed on. He therefore learns to filter out the truth from the smallest piece of information and knows things no one else does…Sometimes he feels almost crushed by this knowledge…”

The problem with this aspect is that “The irritation rectangle requires that inner tension be used as the impetus for personal development, not that other people are overloaded by forcing one’s knowledge onto them. The figure wants to transfer the pressure of the red aspects to the breadth, tolerance and flexibility of the green aspects which is a hard task with this figure.” [1]

This ‘Rack’ links the full Moon once again to the ongoing ‘Jupiter opposition Uranus’. This means that at this Virgo full moon we have the opportunity for personal enlightenment and awakening. It also promises to set us free from the bondage of imprisoning mindsets. Information technology (With it’s 24/7 newsfeed) can enslave or liberate, depending how much we allow ourselves to be distracted from our goals.

Full Moon Extras on YouTube: Mary Magdalene, the divine feminine, witches defending themselves from monotheism, the holy grail of Alkes, the Virgo/Virgin archetype, Jupiter opposite Uranus being triggered and the quincunx aspect of adjustment.

I have decided to add the geo-political perspective and summary a few days before the lunations via YouTube. .

1. Aspect Pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber. p. 181
Art Reference. Mary Magdalene. Frederick Sandys. 1860.
William Butterfield Chalice. 1856/57



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