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Brexit Ceremony

I am posting this tonight, even though I am behind in the posting the Summer 2016 mission.  I feel it can’t wait. The Brit and I are in Washington DC tonight, June 23. I have just finished (on the 21st and 22nd) some very important ceremonies at the Capitol and the Mall area, including at … Continue reading

Long Island, Part 2

Montauk’s Camp Hero was an icky and creepy place. The stories surrounding this spot are so bizarre, so disturbing…they are probably true. And let’s not forget, this  area was the home of the Shinnecock and Montauk tribes. It’s always the case that strong ancestral healing sites of indigenous people are claimed for self-serving activities of … Continue reading

New Post-4th stop, Long Island NY

I am posting the info from Part 1 of the Long Island leg of the big 2016 Mission. Prt 2 coming soon.    As always, go up to “Crowtravels” and navigate to that page. There is more to come, and I am behind on posting, but things are shaking and things are happening and this … Continue reading

Day 2 Update..NYC ceremony

Day 2 in NYC has been posted. Grand Central Terminal, United Nations, Central Park and Times Square.whew! Amazing stuff, and I am so grateful to be able follow this path. Stay with me, and keep sending those good energies! It’s all of us doing the work. As always, go to “crowtravles” to read all about … Continue reading

Wall Street ceremony added/updated

Holy cow! Or should I saw bull! its taken forever it seems to get to posting these events, so much happening! Im going as fast as possible, I appreciate your patience. NYC day 1 is complete, and the Wall Street stuff is up. Go to “crow travels” at the top and scroll to “3rd stop, … Continue reading

New Post on the Summer 2016 Mission

Please go to “crowtravels” and look at “3rd stop Day 1”. I did not post the Wall street info yet, will do when time allows. We are off on Day 2 tomorrow, we welcome your prayers and spiritual support as we head to Central Park.  A medicine wheel will be laid and other ceremonies as … Continue reading

Back again…lots to do!

The Crow is flying…heading east. Come along on the journey! I’ve been neglecting the blog, but just had too much going on. All in preparation for the adventure Im now enjoying. Please go above to Crowtravels and read about what I’m up to. It’s a grand adventure and there’s no telling what’s to come.The mission … Continue reading


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