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New Post-4th stop, Long Island NY

I am posting the info from Part 1 of the Long Island leg of the big 2016 Mission.

Prt 2 coming soon.    As always, go up to “Crowtravels” and navigate to that page.

There is more to come, and I am behind on posting, but things are shaking and things are happening and this Crow is working hard. I will post as I can.

I have completed the following additional parts of this big mission:

  • Long Island (1)Brookhaven National Labs, (2)Montauk -Camp Hero
  • Boston Obelisk

and I am currently in Washington DC. The final big Leg.

More to come……thank you for reading and for sending along your good energies for protection, clearing, healing and for adding your intentions for peace, and end to suffering and full disclosure!





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