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Long Island, Part 2

Montauk’s Camp Hero was an icky and creepy place. The stories surrounding this spot are so bizarre, so disturbing…they are probably true.

And let’s not forget, this  area was the home of the Shinnecock and Montauk tribes.

It’s always the case that strong ancestral healing sites of indigenous people are claimed for self-serving activities of the CIC (criminals in charge). Montauk  is a perfect example.

This was one of more difficult ceremonies to accomplish. I felt tired and strange for some time afterward. And, the more I learn about this place, the more honored I am to have been called to be here.

I only hope that the Montauk Tribe finds itself again on this land. Someday soon.

As always, go to crowtravels-Summer 2016 and navigate to this latest part.




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