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Brexit Ceremony


I am posting this tonight, even though I am behind in the posting the Summer 2016 mission.  I feel it can’t wait.

The Brit and I are in Washington DC tonight, June 23. I have just finished (on the 21st and 22nd) some very important ceremonies at the Capitol and the Mall area, including at the Washington Monument, White House Elipse (lawn) WW2 memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the reflection pools. I wanted to go ahead and post a couple of things here as the Brexit results are coming in.

If you don’t know what Brexit is, you should. It may be THE single igniting action of “revolution” to spur a chain of events that announce that humanity is saying in a real way, NO MORE!

I am posting this documentary about Brexit here if you haven’t seen it. It tells you very clearly the reasons why the European Union is and always has been a tool to maintain control of the “plebs” (as the Brits say), the little people, the peons…the SLAVES

…and that my friend, is YOU and ME.

When I arose yesterday morning, I chose some special jewelry to wear, certain necklaces of special stones. I always do this on ceremony days. Stones and gems are beings that have alway called to me, worked with me and honored me with their gifts.

I specifically wore stones that reflected the ceremony of Brexit, as well as the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. (If you didn’t already know, Hawaii was a sovereign nation, doing business with many countries of the world when they were occupied and overthrown by the USA. They remain a soverign nation, and many courageous souls continue today to peacefully practice their sacred heritage and stand on their inherent rights to protect and honor their sacred lands. More on that soon, but do your research!)


From top: Black heart-shaped lava stone found at  Wai’anapanapa on Maui, White stone found on beach in England on the English channel, crystal generator with “3” power, and cintamani stone.

Hawaiians and Britons are BOTH announcing they have a right to choose for themselves how to live – a sovereign unalienable right. The Brit and I have discussed at length the meaning of Brexit for England, and he (as a Brit) has been feeling there was no way the exit would ever happen, even though everyone he talked to wanted out.

I shared a lot about how the vote here in the US is rigged,the crazy super delegate (paid lobbyists) thing, and how the CIC (that’s criminals in charge) already know who will “win” because its all part of the “Great Illusion”. ALL of the actors are on the same side, by the way, if you haven’t figured that out for yourself. The illusion of 2 parties, separate sides, liberal and conservative, etc….its all a ruse to keep us occupied and distracted. Bread and circus.

If the exit doesn’t happen, I said, you can bet it is rigged.

Anyway, the Brit has been a bit down, and when the MP was killed, he immediately surmised (rightfully, IMO) that it was a play to get people to sympathize with the “stay” side.  He was sure it was all over, and because he watched the betting pools, he was ABSOLUTELY sure it would not happen.

Today, we hear about the “Pencil” thing.  Shades of hanging chads, anyone?

The CIC are fighting hard…but they cannot win, the fact that the vote is even taking place is the sure sign they have already lost.

Eyes are opened, and now, they will not close.

When I left for the day on June 22, I wore these stones and I knew that I had a special ceremony to do for both Hawaii and for England. I love both of these countries, and I…I am an American, right in the middle of these places. Logistically speaking, I am in the center. I have been t both places many times and I know their energies well. I am both British and Hawaiian, in blood and soul.

And so, I feel its was something I could do, to help pull together the energy that will connect the “spark” from one to the other, through ceremony. I offered my prayers that all things come to light, that free will be honored and that there is an end to the lies and manipulation, the slave mentality.

I’ll post more on this when I can get everything up and in order. Im so behind!

 I’m sharing just this tonight, and hoping by the morning, we wake and find the miracle has happened.

As I write this now, I’m excited to see that the “leaves” have taken the lead!

Even if Brexit does not happen, the meaning of the energy behind it and the surge of it’s power is being felt,  and it WILL change things!

But if Brexit becomes real.. well, I for one will be celebrating with a very, very happy Brit tomorrow!

UPDATE: BREXIT WINS! I could not stop watching the results come in, and I am floored the CIC did not somehow stop the vote or rig it.

Amazing times ahead! BRAVO BRITAIN!

Can’t wait for the Brit to wake up:-)

Note: Be ready for some financial changes, all over the world. The British pound will drop and the central banks will scramble to figure out what to do. They will see their little game is up , too. GOOD! these are the times we have been waiting for! Be sure to have cash on hand and a couple weeks of food, water for yourself in case things get a little crazy for a time. (This is good advice anyway.)

Remember: its ALL about to change and this is just the first of many things to begin to come unraveled. It must be undone, UNTIED in order to become restructured!

as the British say:  KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON


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