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Boston Part One, the adventure continues

Crowtravels continues with “Boston Part one” ceremonies. I appreciate all of the great emails, and I am excited that some of you are now doing your own ceremonies when you travel! Thats awesome! Just think if we ALL did that?

I was totally “zonkified” upon returning to Mississippi on June 28, and its taken me all this time to recover enough to begin posting again. (Mostly I am learning how long it takes to upload photos and get them compressed and edited for the blog.)

It matters not where you are or what you are doing, there is ALWAYS something that can be cleared of low energy and blessed with a higher vibration. YOU have that ability just because you are you! Follow your instincts and do it however you FEEL it should be.

Like my goof friend and fellow “mission-ary” Kauilapele tells it, sometimes you just know to wave your ams and say a few things, move some rocks, and BAM you’re done.

It really is that simple, but it is SO powerful because YOU are doing it!

(Ok I just read the typo above,  “my goof friend” when i meant good friend. But, I think I will leave it because like me,  he is a fabulously wonderful goof as well!)

I’m going to post some of your ceremonies soon, so please write them down if you want to share. Anything and everything we do to raise the vibration of the planet is warranted now, and this one way we can all do our part.

Boston part 2 coming tomorrow, have peaceful day/evening and remember to LOVE someone (the one you’re with?) and let them know it.




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