2nd Stop 2016…WAYNESBORO, VA

Where in the world is Waynesboro,VA?

Well, after  my stop in Asheville, I knew I had to get to NYC. But, I can’t go that far in a day, the Crow wings get tired and the Brit already swam across the pond this week, so he was tired, too.

Looking on the map, we saw halfway was… Waynesboro, VA.

Why did this sound familiar? Well, I had already heard of Waynesboro, thanks to the Portal2012 site (Cobra’s site) …(don’t know Cobra? go to the site and prepare for mind to be blown 😉

I’ll try in the future to post some links about Cobra. But, you can do your own research, you don’t need me for that. 

Anyway, if you follow that site, (as I have since its first day on the web,) you already know that a Tachyon Healing Chamber is in Waynesboro…in fact, it’s one of only 2 in the USA!

More on Tachyon healing and our stay in the area:

Crow and Joseph McNamara, owner of Tachyon Counseling in Waynesboro, VA.


Lets talk to Joseph:

My experience:

Where to stay:

links soon to come

What to do:

links soon to come

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