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Washington DC, 2016- Part 1&2

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but lots of things have happened since the last post. The changing energetics have kept me “flattened” on certain days.  The Brit has gone to Scotland. I’ve had an unusual neck injury. Friends are very ill, some have passed over.  I’ve been called to assist with a few interesting ceremonies and … Continue reading

Boston, Part 2

Crowtravels (at the top) now has the second part of the Boston ceremonies, part of the Big Summer Adventure 2016. I cannot say thank you (yakoke) enough to my friend Grace and her husband, Bill, for hosting us in such high fashion,  and for sharing in our adventures. We had enormous fun, and the ceremony … Continue reading

Boston Part One, the adventure continues

Crowtravels continues with “Boston Part one” ceremonies. I appreciate all of the great emails, and I am excited that some of you are now doing your own ceremonies when you travel! Thats awesome! Just think if we ALL did that? I was totally “zonkified” upon returning to Mississippi on June 28, and its taken me all this … Continue reading


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